Thursday, March 31, 2005

school iq zero

In response to media overplay of "Columbine", legislators in various state passed legislation to try to divert another school tragedy . The legislation usually took the form of "Zero Tolerance" rules to be enforced by school adminstrators. Previous experience should a have alerted the legislators to the timidity and retreat from common sense that would result. School administrators are governed by two rules , avoid lawsuits and cover your butt. It was perfectly forseeable that with the draconion rules promulgated by the legislator and adherence to the aforementioned principles of principals, the result would be chaos. Children were led away in handcuffs for inadvertantly bringing an aspirin or boyscout knife to school , or in a more extreme case for writing a story that included violence at school. The only thing that can be learned from this exercise in futility is that I Q testing for school administrators and legislators might have them all in remedial classes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"zombie wills ",not quite living

With all the attention given to "living wills" I think it's necessary to point out the inconsistencies arising under the law governing these instruments. First "living wills" do not enable one to chose the method, time or place of ones death they merely allow the refusal of methods to prolong life. One is faced with the unfortunate choice of refusing life extending practices and slowly dwindling away in a situation which may be painful or living on in spite of a wish to die.
Why don't the states permit one to chose the time ,place and manner of their death. Old people who want to die as they chose should have the right to do so just as women have the right to chose an abortion..I don't believe it serves any public good to refuse this right to those who wish die. This is certainly a more seious church intrusion on civil rights than exhibiting a creche on public property or including "under God" in the pledge of alliegance.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

with a hey nanny nanny

The nanny government has out- done itself. Not satisfied with suspending students from school for such heinous sexual offenses as a six year old boy pecking a six year old girl on the cheek {probably would have been o k if another boy had been the peckee};or threats to public safety such as inadvertantly bringing a butter knife to school, having a three inch thin chain attatched to girls purse or giving another child a cough drop. Our school officials have been discovered disallowing the application of sun-screen. Believe it or not, the Maryland legislature has been forced to pass legislation allowing students to apply sunscreen without medical authorisation. Slop it on Merrylanders.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

edwin lear leer

The "Indian" professor Ward Churchill
A genealogical search will
Show him for a scam,
A razzle dazzle flim-flam.
Forgive him? only a church will.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

imperturbable calm

I was going to ignore the unseemly mess that is the Schiavo situation.. but..... The supporters of her parents fulminate over the poor womens husband. The husband's supporters decry the actions of her family. The congress shows its usual callous opportunism. The spectacle is shabby ,encouraged by the shameless news media in its insatiable lust for "news". The only one with a shred of dignity left is the victim, Terri, who thankfully is completely unaware of the idiocy surrounding her.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

off my chess

Why is the government pursuing Bobby Fischer. He is merely another in the long line of wildly eccentric but harmless grand masters of the grand game. The bizarre behavior of these people ranges from escaping the scene of a loss through french doors without opening them and vanishing for years, to the exicited urinating upon the game table while exclaiming "how could I lose to this idiot". Compared to many of the masters Bobby is just a nasty puppy dog.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

sweet sewers

Two ladies during a binge weekend threw a party. They provided alchohol to underage football recruits , a felony, with which for some reason they have not been charged. They also made available a party dish of condoms, I dont know what colors but probably gold and black, the University of Colorado colors. During the festivities the ladies so drunk they cannot clearly remember believe they were raped. This is a terrible action on the part of the rapists but I am not sure that the young men were not induced to have sex with older women which would be a crime committed by the alledged victims. All this is besides the point of this comment :which is that the two party girls are now suing the university for not protecting them from the results of their own behavior. Their parents , instead of abhoring their actions are supporting their suit. Isn't a college experience a wonderful thing. Sweet sewers

Monday, March 21, 2005

koffi klatch

Our peerless U N leader Koffi Annan now announces the orginisation must be reformed , typically calling for more money to be given to the corrupt organisation and diluting the influence of the U S . I suggest the following reform, the resignation of Mr. Annan and his thieving scion from the organisation or alternatively moving the headquarters from sybaritic New York to one of the impoverished nations it is supposed to help.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

sadistic society

When the inevitable result occurs and the court as previous courts have done permits the removal of Ms. Schiavos tubes and allows her to die through starvation and dehydration. Will the august thinkers in congress revisit this issue and allow some one who has made it clear they don't wish to be kept alive under similar conditions to pass away through an overdose rather than painfully dwindling away. I doubt it , republicans who theoriticaly stand for individual rights won't because they want to be re-elected by fanatical right wing religous zealots and democrats won't because the haven't got the guts to say that people have a right to live and die as they wish and not as the government decides. These congress people don't even realise what sadistic know -nothings they are.

when two is not enough

Who among candidates presented by the major parties can a calm and reasonable person, who does not believe in conspiracies,or the utter evil of opposing points of view support?Unfortunately to be nominated for high office a candidate must appeal to the party activists, if republican to the far right pecans: if democrat the far left filberts. There is no difference between Tom De Lay and Henry Waxman or between Ted Kennedy and Trent Lott. There is a hell of a lot of difference between them and the general American public which is niether mean spirited or completely partisan. Of course all of those officials are pompously inflated with their importance, and belief in their own infallibity, which is reenforced by the army of sycophants surrounding them. Politicians now play the game for their own ambitions and to the devil with the governing of the country.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

congress of dolts

Sometimes it seems like the people we elect to govern us are incomplete idiots , they lack even a modicum of common sense. There are are only three ways to become an authority on everything , be a rock star, an actor or get elected to public office. It appears mere election to public office confers , in the elected , certainty of their infallibility, Perhaps it is the reason our public clowns in congress can waste time on matters like the Schiave case and steroid use in baseball when they should be paying attention to the state of the country.

just no energy

The reason for the high price of oil is purely geographical. The oil is in California, Alaska, Texas Oklahoma , Wyoming , Colorado but the dipsticks are in Washington, D. C.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

pictues don't lie

In the case of the"Artic Refuge" pictures don't lie : they merely misrepresent. Like the brochures for summer camps and mountain retreats . Perhaps more accurately like the sexy pictures photographers advertise which will make the average woman look like a movie star. It is amazing what camera angles , filters , and make up can do.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

illegal negligence

Today 130 members of a salvadoran based gang, almost all illegal aliens ,were arrested .What was really interesting is that some of these gangsters had been arrested many times and deported three or more times. Coincedentaly , another gang of eastern european smugglers ,almost all illegal aliens, were arrested for smuggling weapons into the u s for sale. It is the hieght of irresponsibility and an insult to all Americans that our elected officials ,democrat and republican, do not act to protect our borders and remedy this abhorrent situation. Let me suggest a simple remedy, any person or corporation hiring an illegal alien be immediately fined $10000 dollars, for the second offense $50000 and for any subseqent offense jail time .Thirty percent of our prison population is made up of illegal aliens being held for serious crimes.. Where is the outrage; only among citizens politicians better wake up or they will be voted out of office.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

mea culpa culpa culpa

I have the impression that the media delights in reporting missteps by our government. I don't know why this penchant to magnify whatever the United States does wrong and tred lightly on errors by the U. N. or foriegn governments exists. Is it a "gotcha" syndrome, or a feeling of guilt for the wealth of the United States. I do know that it is a disturbing phenomenon. The fact that the guilt will prove evanescent with the awakening dragons of Asia is not comforting

Friday, March 11, 2005

steroidal bovine feces

Our esteemed senators are delving into the use of steriods by baseball players. This action is, of course, of paramount interest because of its threat to our survival as an nation. Why be concerened about illegal immigration , the outsourcing of jobs occuring under unfair trade agreements, or terrorism ;when wether or not a group of over paid atheletes hypes their performance with steroids threatens the very substance of our lives. Thank whatever gods there may be for the protection offered by these guardians of our democracy

Thursday, March 10, 2005

no free lunch

If the irate media and public want lower oil prices we are going to have to drill for oil in the United States. For years there has been a concerted effort by environmentalist extremists and flat earthers, abetted by the media, to dupe the public into believing that by conserving and prohibiting drilling we can feed our energy needs.. Public lands, and some private lands , have been declared off limits for oil exploration and while these actions have contributed to higher oil prices the ireffutable fact is that as China and India grow into industrial nations they will use more oil. Unless we have our own sources we are going down the tube and perhaps to war .The oil companies and the administration are not to blame for high prices ;the world demand for a commodity in short supply drives prices. Wake up, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

a modest proposal

A solutiion for the illegal alien problem is at hand. We can merely round up the illegals and sell them as slaves to the chicken packing plants, the stoop labor vegetable farms, the hotel chains and other present employers of illegals. in this way we can relieve the taxpayer of the enormous burden of educating their children, providing healthcare,jailing the criminals,and providing lawyers to protect their rights. Slaves would have no rights, and instead of subsidizing the employers as we do now by providing these services, the employer would have the responsability for their welfare and the government would collect a fat fee on every sale.

a time to live, a time to die

The zealots who want to tell you how to live and how to die are using their flagellant whips to figuratively flay Clint Eastwood for presenting suicide as an alternative to existing as a paraplegic in his movie "Million Dollar Baby". Why don't they get a life instead of trying to enforce their morality on other peoples lives?

Friday, March 04, 2005


George Orwell is alive. Undocumented immigrant = illegal alien, insurgent=terrorist, youths = thugs, the only group escaping is business crooks they are rightly called thieves and con-men, even fraudelent fellows.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

panama lost

Just returned from panama; a most disorienting country. By all instincts the canal from the Caribbean to the Pacific should be oriented from East to West but it"s North to South. Spent half the time waiting for sunrise or sunset to determine where i was. I think most politicians would feel right at home.