Thursday, November 03, 2011

i'm leaving the occupiers

I'm leaving the occupiers because, as usual, an idealistic movement gets infiltrated, and controlled by the more extreme elements who are neither idealists nor well intentioned. The arrest in Denver of a man who has a history of attacks on police and another self professed headbashing anarchist, the continuing reports of rape and groping in almost all venues and finally the interference with working people trying to get to jobs, and rock throwing violence by the mob in Oakland rob the movement of idealism. The hoodlum element and violent psychopaths are taking over. The other reason is that even the idealistic participants ignore the main outrages, like crony capitalism, the obama $38000 a plate fundraiser (no working class people there) the political appointees at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which is losing 100 billion a quarter, getting 12 million in bonuses.. Why do the protestors ignore the fact that Goldman Sachs gave Obama $436million.. It is beyond me. I guess the idealists don'know and the thugs don't care... When does the looting start