Saturday, July 30, 2011

Arab Spring Spin Sprung

The panglossian pollyannas who have prematurely been welcoming an Arab democratic revival in Eygpt, Libya , Yemen, and Syria as an" Arab Spring" are soon to be disappointed . The deposition of tyrants by a democratic movement is inevitably followed by seizure of the reins of power by the best organized group ; many times the military, which then imposes a new rule. However, in the aforementioned countries the most organized group is the zealous Islamists. I remember that the United States belatedly supported the removal of the Shah of Iran assuming in our usual naivete that he would be succeded by a less oppresive government . The result, a theocratic Islamist regime that despises democracy and the West. The "Arab Spring" will become a "Western Winter". Haven't any of our diplomats or leaders read Eric Hoff"s "True Believer". They are a group of innocents in a ravenous world.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

create jobs and lower deficit, duh

The most effective way to create jobs is to increase regulations on methods of doing business and discouraging business from expanding. For example creating a labor relations board which denies a company the right to build a factory in south carolina. Have an energy department and interior secretary and epa that regulates coal, impedes oil drilling, and any expansions of refining capacity . An agency which subsidizes alternate energy companies which should be viable on their own and not at taxpayer expense. Of course a justice department that wastes millions prosecuting baseball players, and buying and delivering guns to drug cartels is an embaressment almost as bad as a homeland security agency that terrorizes children and elderly at airports while wasting almost 3 billion on unproven technology to monitor nuclear materials and busily preparing for yesterdays threats.