Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mr. Rogers Diplomat

It's a beautiful day in the nieghborhood ,  now all you Sunnis and Shiites play nice.Forget you've been killing each other for the last thousand years.  Uncle Barry wants you to form a joint government and amicably settle all your disputes. That's right,  children don't fight.  For a man who was raised in various cultures not to be aware of the differences among true believers is unbelievable.. Barry the only thing to do in a war among zealots is get out of the way. What is going to occur in Iraq is three seperate governments the Sunni, the Kurds, and the Shiites , the latter so closely allied with Iran and Syrian Alqueda, to be a threat to all governments in the area. It behooves us to quit trying to force accomodation between the Shiites andSunnis: and lecturing the secular military to involve Moslem Brotherhood in Eygpt we must reconcile with the miltary leaders. There  are only going to be three players in the middle east with any military force to stand up to the Iranian hegonomy, Eygpt, Isreal , Saudi Arabia, we better get our interests in order . We cannot force a stable democratic government, by our  standards, any where there is not a stable homogenous population. Hope for change won"t work