Thursday, July 09, 2015

Serious Matters Deserve Attention

The epherma of political discourse has some how become the course of politics.. Pressing issues commanding pages of print are devoted to problems like what women should replace Hamilton on he ten dollar bill, whether or not a teams mascot  or name appears disparaging to some, whether or not the confederate flag represents bigotry or pride, gay marriage,h Hillary's clothes, birth control devices  the fate of some unimportant frog or fish, hands up in a case proven to be false,  It also seems weird that  'black lives matter" only when killed by cops and not gang warfare and that beatings of whites by blacks  and whites killed by cops get no media play or riots.
 Isn't it about time the meanderings of the Kardashians, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Mily Cyrus et al leave the pristine pages of the  internet and press. Some more pressing matters need attention,,the huge national debt.what happens to it when interest rates rise, Tthe near bankrupt states   Illinois, Mass, California, Rhode Island , Connecticut, Maine, and Kentucky just default like Greece leaving taxpayers  on the hook for bloated public service union pensions.  The rising Chinese military, Isis Russian intransigence, Iran nuclear designs,   The IRS , DOJ   peccadilloes, the continuing power grabs of the bureaucrats at DOE, HUD  etc. ALL of these things should take precedence in any reasoned debate.