Wednesday, July 27, 2005

tilting at wind bags

We are going to have an new energy bill. It will result in less energy saving. More revenue for corn farmers, ethanol maufactures, and trial lawyers more expensive subsidies paid by taxpayers and do absolutely nothing to relieve the energy crunch. Ethanol requires more energy to produce than it provides, while the "mtbe" the goverment previously authorised and pushed as an additive to prevent air pollution has proven to be a danger. Anyone who used it may now be sued, watch the class action boys jump on this. Those clowns in Washington have screwed up so badly and hypocritically on this issue ; I can't wait to see what they'll do on immigration .

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I was a lawyer. There,it is admitted. I am so disgusted with the legal profession I cannot disguise my repugnance. I supported the ACLU while it was doing noble work supporting free speech for everyone and working for civil rights in meaningful cases. Now it seems an orginisation consumed with a burning desire to collect legal fees by bringing stupid and minor complaints under the Civil Rights Act. I believe this degradation of the profession stems from the huge surplus of lawyers and the nescessity for the them to find work. The ACLU is not alone in frivolous litigation . Trial lawyers, abetted by timorous judges, file actions that should under any reasonable standard be dismissed. These actions are allowed to go trial and often , with or without the aid of junk science , result in unjust enrichment from ignorant juries. These juries are often obtained from venue shopping. The whole system reeks of hypocrisy. ( There is one orginisation that does still fight for free speech F I R E , so perhaps this indictment doe not quite apply to everyone..)

Friday, July 01, 2005

reveillie for dunces

The obvious has now been recognised by the press, most of the suicide bombers in Iraq are not Iraqis. I wait breathlessly for some media pundit to now take the giant step of questioning why this occurs. Will they continue riding their hobby horse, bashing the United States, or will they finally realise that that we are engaged as targets for religous fanatics. The Jihadists are trying to foment a civil war in Iraq so the may take over and impose a theocratic rule. They are imbued with the fervor of religous zealots and certainly would not stop trying to impose their "morally superior" system on the rest of the world, when succesful in Iraq. The European countries which have allowed uncontrolled immigration of moslems are in peril but are led by self - serving politicians who refuse to recognise the danger. The citizens of Belgium are aware but are voices crying in a wilderness of apathy. Europe may be confronted with a problem last faced in 782 a.d. at the "Battle of Tours" alas, they have no Charles Martel,merely the prideful Jacque Chirac.