Friday, May 26, 2006

i'll be seeing a c l you

After years of supporting the ideals of the A C L U fairness, individual rights , free speech I can no longer support the organization. It has degenerated into an organization that supports fairness , individual rights, and free speech for only those who agree with its leadership's opinions. The latest evidence of this is an imposition of silence on directors who disagree with the policies of the cabal that control the group. I would suggest that contributers to those who believe in free speech for all, contribute to the non-political group "Foundation For Individual Rights In Education" ,which tries to even handedly protect free speech on college campuses rather than the ACLU which merely tries to push its leadership's agenda.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

i hate to dementia this

If the major and minor media, politicians, and concerned do-gooders would stop condescending to the elderly I might forgive their callow uninformed youthfulness. It is a tenet among these people and institutions that every person over 70 is in need of their services in order to perform the intellectual demands of living. I would like to submit that there are many feeble minded people well under this age, for example ; those enthralled by "American Idol ", the love lives of various celebrities, and incidental idiocies like run away brides . Congress is another matter, their stupidity comes from insufferable pompousness.
I submit to you that understanding the new drug program under social security would be equally difficult (tho it really is easy) to any randomly selected groups of citizens no matter what age. The cluck cluck clucking of the forementioned groups is demeaning to people who have lived longer and are probably better able to mentally cope than the cluckers and , considering the declining educational system, better educated than they are.

Friday, May 19, 2006

myself before the common good

That group of posturing hypocrites who pose as "the greatest delibrative body" are discussing the future of our nation . Immigration , energy independence , even the common language, all are being considered and voted upon. You would think that these 'statesmen' would consider the welfare of the country but these poltroons only consider their own political advantage. They vie for the approval of pressure groups ranging from the now anti-american ACLU, UN, Amnesty International to the super patriots and religous right. The disgusting spectacle would be amusing ,in a sordid way, if we did not have people dying in Afghanistan and Iraq while they preen and prance at their circus on capitol hill.