Friday, April 28, 2006

oil for the lamps of china

While the pampered American public wails , and congress tries to blame everyone else for its own failures; China goes quietly about the world gobbling up oil supplies. The Chinese are partners with the Sudanese regime in developing that country's oil ( why do you think the U N isn't doing anything in Darfur) and partners with Cuba, drilling 40 miles off the coast of Florida. Florida , incidentally, is off limits for American development as are the entire east and west coast. China has also made a deal with Nigeria for development of that country's resources and is cozying up to Venezuela and Iran. Our brilliant politicians , looking for votes, refuse to adress the problem ,extolling ethanol and conservation as solutions to the world oil shortage as if those two ideas are a panacea for our problems.. They are slight helps, but increased production and refining are needed within the United States, also greater use of clean coal and nuclear energy. Unfortunately the politicians are frightend to take any steps that might antagonise well funded blocks of voters. So, they whistle in the dark hoping the problem will go away while the nation goes waltzing to extinction.