Thursday, May 31, 2007

americas favorite whine

Gas prices are too high. Will the public do anything but whine ? Of course not. They will keep electing officials who pander to the warm and fuzzy and ignore reality. They will not accept hard choices like building refineries, exploring in a small part of wilderness areas or off shore. They will embrace a snake oil solution like ethanol from corn. What can you expect from a population that pays more attention to Paris Hilton than Paris, France. That ignores the fact that 95% of the world's petroleum is controlled by governments that have interests inimical to ours and that China is courting these governments. Good grief, the no personal thinking or responsibilty rubens just keep loking for someone other than themselves to blame. Whine, whine ,whine

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

cindy,don't let me down

Of all the sad stories arising from the Iraqi war, the Cindy Sheehan odyssey is perhaps the most pathetic. It is amazing that after all the lionizing comments and supportive efforts of the far left Cindy Sheehan was able, after many months , to see through the veil of purported sympathy for her and her position and realise that she was being used. She is revolted by the political reality of zealots of left and right ignoring the national interest and fighting for their own gain. Welcome aboard Cindy, even if your metamorphous was long in coming. Most of us are revolted by the scene.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

idiots delight sue opec

In an amazing act of courage , to protect the American public, our peerless cynical congressional representatives are blowing smoke towards our nethermost regions by voting to give the justice department authority to sue opec for price fixing. Just explain to me oh highly regarded savants how in hell would you enforce any judgement obtained? What is to prevent the countries involved in a suit to quit selling oil to the U S and developing other markets? What jurisdiction would any American court exert over a soverign nation ? The move will give you something to campaign on in the next election but only will be met with jeers by your constituents, whoops, they were dumb enough to vote for you in the first place i guess it will be cheers. Couldn't you do something sensible like relaxing rules against refineries ? Nah, that wouldn't play well with the yahoos.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

gloomy sunday

Some poll or other believes the American populace is gloomy. Why shouldn't they be. Aside from full employment, which is seldom reported,we are treated to a cacaphony from a whining media. The constant barrage of criticism would wear down pollyanna. The Senate has done nothing with its passage of an immigration bill but increase the gloom. How can any halfway intelligent American applaud new legislation when we can't enforce the laws we already have? What makes those intellectual giants think that merely passing feel good legislation will accomplish anything. As one person in a comment to my opinions said "they don't hold mensa meetings on capitol hill"

Friday, May 18, 2007

black and white never read

It is amazing that the media ignores horrendous black on white crime while sensationally covering white on black crime. The alledged Duke rape story, the horror of the black man dragged behind on automobile in Texas, and even the Tawana Bradely fiasco. I am not writing this to indict black people but to indict the press. I do not understand why the case in Tenessee where two barely out of adolescense white people were the victims of car jacking , rape ,torture, and murder by four black people has recieved no national attention. If the perpetrators and victims were reversed the national media would be covering it ad nauseum. Is it because black on white crime or black on black crime is more common than white on black crime or is it because the press has a committment to insure racial friction because it profits from it. Perhaps the press in general, which is predominately white, castigates whites to prove it is free from bigotry. It seems to me it is a form of bigotry to cover stories on the basis of race.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

down on the border

While we prosecute border patrol agents on evidence provided by drug smugglers the Mexican police have their own problems. Four Mexican police officers were killed and seven kidnapped by a group of fourty who invaded a police station near Nogales . Three more were killed in Aculpoco. The vacuum which exists on our southern border has been filled with private armies of drug and people smugglers. When any of them are apprehended on our side of the border they use our laws , with the help of useful idiots like the a c l u and some federal prosecutors , to evade justice. The situation on the border is intolerable. The Mexican government is not in control, corruption and terror rule. Our government twiddles its thumbs and pollyanna-like hopes if ignored it will all go away. It won't......

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ethanolstagflation 2

Food prices have risen 5.6% in March and 3.6% in April .. Way to go ethanol and pandering congress.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

congressional follies

Now our appointed clowns are considering banning incandescent bulbs and requiring flourescents in an effort to save our environment and end energy independence. I predict this effort if done will have multitudenous unexpected consequences as does the growing ethanol fiasco. Speaking of which , have you checked grocery prices lately, up 5.2% in March. Hanburger at five dollars and chicken breasts at almost thee dollars a pound. Senator Shummer is calling for investigation of gas prices, this by a guy complicit with his colleagues, for devising regulations which have prevented a new refinery from being built since 1974 and preventing exploration for domestic oil. When the cosequences of irresponsable catering to the politically correct crowd become evident the best our genius legislators can do is point the finger elsewhere . As the Wizard of Oz shouted "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" ..Just let him mislead you.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

saving social security by indexing

Social security is already indexed. If you are single and have income, including social security,of thirty two thousand dollars you pay tax on 85% of your social security payment. A couple with income of fourty two thousand faces the same tax. Congress in its infinite wisdom decided these monetary thresholds signified wealthy social security pensioners threby penalising those who saved for their retirements. I wouldn't be as exercised about this if the money collected were used to improve social security's fiscal soundness but it isn't:it goes to the general fund which among other things pays congressional pensions. Incidentally these munificent sums defining wealth were proscribed some years ago and have no been adjusted.Golly , I wish I had a congressional pension.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

extrodinary popular delusions redux

Oh for the good old days of tulipmania and the "South Sea Bubble". We do have however "The love of the marvelous and disbelief of the truth" and as in the past, abetted by the media. "Cornomania", "Anthropegenic caused global warming" and energy independence without domestic oil exploration qualify as the madness of crowds. We believe that CO2 creates global warming instead of being a a result of global warming without real science to support the theory. We believe that ethanol will result in independence from foreign oil and reduce pollution ( this, abetted by the huge push from agricultural interests and ADM ) and it is often cited that Brazil thru ethanol hs achieved energy independence; the truth however is quite different. Brazil imports 550 million bbls of oil a day in spite of doubling domestic production in the last ten years and ethanol is as polluting as petrol. The worst of our beliefs is that humans can do something serious about a degrading environment without population control,world population increased from 1.5 billion to 7 billion in one hundred years with concommitent use of resources. Human exhalation and flatulance therefore results in a fourfold increased contribution to CO2 and methane. Perhaps if everyone took two fewer breaths each minute and farted only three times a day we could solve all our problems.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


PBS an acronym for Public B...S. They hold auctions to raise money and plead for community support and yet they run commercials , have a never ending income stream from Sesame Street items, and support from the federal goverment. These self righteous officials will get no more of my money.. They refused to show a documentary depicting the plight of mainstream muslims trying to combat the Islamist radicals because it might offend such radicals but have no trouble running a documentary on mormonism that offends mormans. I am an atheist but their show ,generally favorable to my position, should not be shown when juxataposed to the two programs reffered to. These self appointed guardians of what should and what should not be viewed are no longer nescessary. Cable now provides better programming ,on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geo, and countless others. PBS is now the superflous channel of a small elite who enjoy appearing on television pleading for contibutions.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

None so Blind

Those who will not see..The elected representatives of the people continue to play pollyanish ostriches ignoring these truths. First, the United States economy is the avowed target of moslem jihadists. Second, that energy independence is not attainable without domestic exploration and production. Third , that global warming is real, but human contribution to warming is small. Their actions to avert facing these facts is to continue preaching that it is only a small group of radicals among the moslem population that wishes us harm and we must cater to the vast majority who do not. I have yet to see evidence of this vast majority which wishes to co-exist. The second reality of energy independence, is met with a denial of domestic drilling and feel good measures promoted by special interets to increase use of corn as fuel , the resultant explosion of inflation of food prices is totally ignored. The third reality of global warming is met with a wealth of morally righteous posturing worthy of a religous movement, we will appease the Gods by wearing sack cloth and ashes :instead of taking steps to ameliorate the effects of the unstoppable natural process.