Thursday, December 29, 2005

howling at the wind

My previous efforts on these pages accomplished little but relieved my frustrations . I found other outlets . I now return because of the continuing nattering of the n y times,the champion of orwellian double speak. According to the times it is treasonous for some one to reveal the name of a cia employee to a times reporter ,which does no harm, but not treasonous to reveal to the times secret operations of the cia which causes great problems with our allies and alerts al queda to the fact that we are spying on them... the times has no allegiance to America, as its publisher has often stated, but its hatred for Bush results in active resistance to America's welfare and the safety of citizens. When will the idiots wake up to the war that is occuring between civilization and religous zealots. Only when the times renounces its own zealotry and faces the fact that its own existence is threatened.