Sunday, March 29, 2009

fdic:federal deposit investment co.

The FDIC ( Federal Deposit Insurance Company) is an agency created by the government in 1933 for the purpose of insuring bank accounts and restoring faith in the banking system. Now, in the greatest flim -flammery in my experience the administration, without even a vote from congress, plans to use FDIC funds to insure private investment in "toxic bank assets". This will be done by insuring the purchasers of toxic assets from banks against loss. This is a perversion of the purpose of the agency, and probably not legal. Use of FDIC assets in this manner certainly does not restore faith in the banking system.

Monday, March 09, 2009

talk with the animals

President Obama wants to reach out to the "moderate Taliban". Who are the moderate Taliban? Do they exist? During the Inquisition were there moderate inquisitors? The very nature of Taliban is religious conformity . If you are not a zealot you are not a Taliban.The total naiveté of our commander in chief is appalling or his hypocrisy is appalling. Perhaps we should blame the leftist pollyannas who see all people as holding identical views and wishing for the same things in life.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

mortgage garbage

Occasionally I reflect on my cynicism and wonder if I am being unfair to the habitues of Washington. Then a situation arises that enforces my attitude. The former ceo of Fannie Mae ,Franklin Raines , who is an economic advisor to the president ,not only fudged the books at Fannie Mae and walked away with millions in bonus money but joined the illustrious Senator Dodd in accepting mortgage favors from Country Wide Financial and lied about accepting such favors under oath. Will he be prosecuted? Don't hold your breath he contributed too much to Senator Dodd, Congressman Frank, and others including the ex senator in the white House.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I will pull the troops out of Iraq (on george bush's schedule and keep 50000 there indefinetly)..I will examine every bill
for earmarks and not allow them (except for the 7800 seperate pork projects for my friends injected into the budget bill).I will defend the borders of the United States (by appointing Gov.Napalitano ,who will not recognize there is a border war underway).I will insure energy independence. (by not considering nuclear energy or clean coal only an increase in ethanol ). I will not apoint lobbyists , or tax evaders to high positions. (except ones I like) .Promises, promises another politician. Are you disenchanted too?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

two hard truths

Democracy will only last until those who have less realize that they can vote themselves more. A government that can give you everything can take away everything. Not original thoughts but hard truths. At this point in our history not only do we have a realization on the part of the fifty per cent of the population who pay no income taxes, that they can vote for a group that promises them more , and will fill that promise at the expense of the group that pays income taxes. This vote will doom the continuation of the nation as a democracy and insure the rise of bureaucratic government. The voters will find they have traded their freedom for a mess of governmental pottage. The bureaucrats will determine what you need and if you will get it .The trade was economic disparity for bureaucratic rule. Good Luck