Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Me and Hans Van Storch:flat earthers

I find myself in the company of a renowned climatologist, the lead author of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Hans Von Storch. Who, unlike politicians, is uneasy about the sharp rise in co2 over the past fifteen years, almost 100 percent which has been unaccompanied by any rise in temperature . Dr. Von Storch has said if this continues another few years, "we will have to acknowledge there is something fundamentally wrong with our climate models". This scientist has some doubts over the relationship between carbon dioxide and climate change which reflects the scientific  process of rexamining hypothesis if actual events cast doubts on a theory. The all knowing politician doesn't act in this fashion but will bend facts to serve his purposes while casting aspersions on those with different opinions. In this case I prefer to stand with the scientists  therefore I guess the Doctor , his climatologist cohorts and I are Flat Earthers.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

And for our next act

For our next act we bring you "The Flying Senate" which will amaze you by passing legislation before they read it. In the immortal words of Nancy Pelosi " we have to pass it so we can see whats in it" the senate has once again passed a bill ostensibly for one purpose only to load it with goodies for special interests. Harry Reid's Nevada friends get a Travel Promotion Act and the President and Senator Sanders get 1.5 billion added to a job stimulus act. The crowning insult is that the 700 miles of border fence may or may not be built at the whim of the head of the Department of Homeland Security as is the hiring of 20,000 border agents.  The entire Washington circus does not represent reality  any more but a public relations firm gone berserk.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

tiptoeing thru the taliban

I don't know how much unrestrained happiness I can bear. The Taliban have agreed to peace talks with the U. S. and the Karzi government of Afghanistan. We  were withdrawing any way  and the Taliban knows we don't have  any kind of negotiating power. I feel despair over what is going to become of all the poor idiots who aided us in Afghanistan and all the women of that country who will be thrown on the tender mercies of those Taliban zealots. The Karzi government won't protect them , that bunch will be running off to Dubai and Monaco.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

here we go again

Joy, joy a  "moderate" has been elected President of Iran. Before the State Department , the president and the slavering media become too overwhelmed may I point out that the ruler of Iran is the ayatolla Kahmenei who holds, along with the Revolutionary Guard and the clerics, absolute sway over all Iranian policies. Aminjhad couldn't have been the intransigent irritant he was without the tacit approval of the Ayatollah. The Ayatollah still runs the nuclear program , the social rules, and all the levers of government .. The Iranian president serves merely as a buffer.  I will keep my jubilitation over this election muted until I see some tangible evidence of progess like recognizing Israel's right to exist without fear of nuclear attack, the end of supporting terrorists, homosexuals right to live, and womens's  rights to equality. Incidentally, I didn't consider his statements  conciliatory.....

here we go again

Joy, joy  a "moderate" has been elected president of Iran. The State Department and the slavish media can hardly contain their glee. Rouhmani was

there they go again

Jubililation  a moderate  has won the Iranian election.

Friday, June 14, 2013

too much too late

Our hesitant president could not make up his mind until too late.. The time for giving aid to the Syrian rebels was when it started as a popular uprising against Assad not when defense of Assad  has been increased by aid from  Hezbololah and Al -Queda . The weapons this irresolute leader intends to provide to the rebels ,now that he forced to act because his "redline" has been crossed , will ultimately be used against Jordan,  Israel and as escalation of the conflict occurs against the United States.  If I were  cynical I might believe from previous administration actions that this is intentional . I cannot conceive that even this President and his scandal ridden State Dept could put us intentionally in harms way so I will have to accept  abject stupidity as an excuse.