Tuesday, January 22, 2008

judge not

While considering the the case of Indiana's new law requiring voter I D Justice Stevens asked if "this law would favor one political party over another".May I submit this is an impermissable consideration . The justices are charged with determining the constutionaliity of the law not political implications. If Justice Stevens wishes to change laws he should resign from the bench and run for the legislature. Fat chance.

Monday, January 14, 2008

is any one out there

Congress is concerned, so they pass an energy bill which which mandates an increase in discredited ethanol use, mandates use of toxic fluorescent bulbs , demands increases in mileage over years . Where are these people getting these ineffective asinine ideas? The first proposal has doubled grain prices, the second creates an environmantal hazard, and the third is a mirage. Until a viable alternative to oil is found increased production of oil is essential to our economy but these sages would rather see the economy falter than commit the country to further energy production from, coal, nuclear, or oil. If only our elected representatives would restrict themselves to important matters like drug use in major league baseball perhaps we would all sleep better.