Monday, March 31, 2008

food prices unintended consequences

The crusade to save the environment , led by the deluded "c" student and Virgina law school drop out scion of a political family, has resulted in mass hunger among the poor of the poorest nations and desperation among the working class people of the developed nations. Grain prices have tripled for corn, soybeans and wheat since the untennable descision to use grains for fuel. Politicians are not known for their regular visits to supermakets , they remain blissfully unaware of the stratafiric rise in food prices. The crusade has also prevented utilization of domestic crude oil reserves and expansion of refining capacity leaving the nation open to blackmail by countries which control world energy supplies and cause high prices for gasoline and heating oil. When are the crusaders going to realize their irrational zeal has exceded good sense? Unfortunately, not soon, the new energy bill calls for tripling grain alchohol production and not one move to provide further oil exploration or new refining capacity.

Friday, March 28, 2008

precious liberties

Why aren't the ACLU and other groups concerned about losing our liberties standing up to stupid goverment requirements for use of ethanol. The requirement in the energy bill requiring replacement of incandescent bulbs with flourescents surely interferes with my rights and can hardly be justified as as nescessary, except by maufacurers of the replacements. Of course these idiotic measures are being done in the name of reducing "global warming" a sure fire argument with the boobery that makes up most of the TV addicted public.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Environmental truth

When poverty comes in the door environmentalism flies out the window.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

sleeping dogma

With the dollar declining in value every day ,we still refuse to develop our oil reserves and continue to send our wealth overseas. Environmentalists wake up. We will soon not have enough money to cater your causes. It takes wealth to be environmentally correct. The direction we are pursuing will lead to environmental degradation from lack of money. Where poverty exists environmental concerns vanish.

Monday, March 17, 2008

nine years to bank failure

The Glass-Steagel Act of 1933 seperated investment bankers from banking. It was passed to prevent just the idiocy and greed that bankers exhibited in 1932. Once again congress in its position of prostitute to special interests like Archer Daniels, Environmental groups, bankers etc. repealed the Act.... look at the result.....Bear Stearns , defaults on crappy mortgages that were packadged and sold as investments, failure of bond insurers, all due to the greed of investment bankers, abetted by stupid ,or negligent, or corrupt congress.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


How long can we let national policy be dictated by radical environmental ideas to the point where we send our national wealth to other countries , and depend on their good will to obtain oil to keep our economy running : instead of trying to reduce dependence, not only by methods that hold promise over time ,but by developing our domestic energy supplies? I hope before the dollar becomes worthless internationally, but I'm afraid it is going to take a crisis before panicked action is taken.