Monday, July 28, 2008

bigotry or denial

White comedians can't tell jokes that denigrate blacks, women , jews or moslems, or the handicapped. . They can pick on Christians and white businessmen. Black comedians are slightly less restricted only because they can stereotype fellow blacks. There is one minority that both can stereotype and mock with impunity, the elderly. I don't think it is done out of meaness I think it is done and applauded because people realise that they are going to be elderly and think by chortling at the supposed foibles that accompany some aging people they can delay or deny their own arrival at this stage of life. I think it is perfectly allright, actually laudable for an older person to laugh at his contemporaries and his infirmaties, just as it is fine for a black guy to satirize his fellows actions. It does gall me when people frightend of their own mortality set up elderly people as surrogates for their anxieties

Friday, July 11, 2008

canaries in a coal mine

The travail of the airline industry is a warning to the zealots of the environmental movement and shortsighted politicians who cater to them, by opposing coal , oil, and nuclear energy, of what the economy of this country will be like in a few years.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

political pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has suggested that oil from the petroleum reserve be released to alleviate gas prices. Of course the reserve is to be used when there is an emergency.If Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, or other close friends of the United States would cut oil supplies then we could use the reserve. The reserve is not to be used to further the political ambitions of the Speaker. It would be more helpful to a reeling economy if Nancy and her crew would encourage further domestic production but that would antagonise her green suporters.
Incidentally , I wonder where the oil to replace what was released would come from. I guess Venezuela , Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria. I can't imagine what the price would be.