Thursday, August 13, 2009

denigrate and ridicule

Denigrate and ridicule, attack the messenger not the message. A page from the old Saul Alinsky book. The followers, our elected representatives ,Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and their president who refuse to recognize grass root outrage at the autocratic rule of a group of people who believe they have a mission to save us from ourselves by spending our money in the most profligate excesses since the Bourbon Monarchy. Citizens who have been showing up in droves, in spite of threats from SEIU thugs are accused of being dupes of pharma companies ;a cadre with which our peerless leader has cut a backdoor deal.They have been called flat earthers ,unenlightenend, false bearers of testimony and by numerous sycophantic media outlets, astroturfers,and birthers all in an attempt to deny the existence of genuine concern. I believe the reason for this is that our congressional paragons are in denial, and think if they ignore the people they will go a way. There is a name for this posture. Let's call them "Ostriches" that should serve for denigration and the posture with their heads in the sand and their thinking parts exposed should serve for ridicule.OK Saul ???

Monday, August 10, 2009

swine flu congress oinks

While the intellectual giants of democracy are engaged in spending money for bailouts , stimulus, green power and saving the planet they have ignored the most immediate threat to our lives and economy, a flu pandemic. Instead of a Manhattan Project approach to the obvious threat congress and the administration have dawdled along relying on the snail paced federal bureaucracy of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security. Two organizations really known for acting with alacrity. GAO says that in the event of the foreseen pandemic the"beds and medical supplies would be insufficient and plans to protect federal workers aren't adequate". Federal workers, what about the public. A vaccine won't be ready for several months... Why isn't there the same sense of urgency to protect the public as there was to rush through bailouts, stimulus, GM rescue etc. Get off your duffs congress and do something to speed up protection for constituents besides yourselves and government workers.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

none so blind

It is amusing to see how many commentators, pundits and politicians believe that outraged attendees at congressional town hall meetings are merely protesting the healthcare bill. They are protesting congress. Congress has a voter approval rating lower than Nancy Pelosi's I Q , I believe that is below twenty. The public disagrees, according to polls, with the congress on the health bill, closing gitmo, the wall street bail out , the energy bill, the stimulus bill, the clunker program, and of course buying fifty five million dollar airplanes to ferry the members back and forth. We cannot ignore the public revulsion at the corruption and tax dodging of various members. Congressional ethics is an oxymoron. It is gratifying to see average people throwing over an apathetic attitude to government. No wonder politicians are trying to denigrate a movement that threatens their privileged positions.

Monday, August 03, 2009

tiger tiger burning bright

It's easy to ride a tiger but how does one dismount. Congress and the administration have uncritically accepted the global warming theories espoused by the alarmist climate warriors. Legislation on energy, cap and trade , clean air, cash for clunkers , oil drilling and alternate fuels and solar and wind power are all influenced and passed on the assumption that anthropogenic emissions are exacerbating climate change by contributing carbon dioxide to greenhouse gases . The legion of scientific doubters of this premise are growing rapidly. The disregarded truth is that in spite of the increase in co2 over the last 11 years , the world temperature has declined. How are the deluded going to recant, how will they get off the tiger. They won't, until hell freezes over.

clunker clone caper

With the clunker program so wildly successful, why shouldn't it be expanded. Congress could offer exchanges of energy inefficent hot water heaters, clothes dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens and electric toothbrushes. Think of the jobs that would would be created and the jobs created destroying these old servicable, but energy hog appliances. Of course the jobs would all vanish when government money was exhausted.