Monday, May 27, 2013

take my tanks and go home

The President dosn't want to play anymore so i guess he'll take his tanks and go home... How do you call off a war when the otherside refuses to quit fighting? It takes two hands to clap but only one side to wage war. The presidents problem and to be fair, the pusillanamous state departments problem, is that they refuse to identify an adversary. I shall do it for them , it is the powerful rulers of the moslem world, the ones who spout hate and destruction to the west and to the United States in particular. Unfortunately these people and their acolytes will not stop fighting merely because our nation does not wish to fight, and statements to this effect merely lubricates further efforts against us.  The problem the president and state department will not face is that we are facing a religous war  fought by true believers; led by people who incite, not only to ensure their power, but in most cases because they believe they are representing Gods will.
 It will be argued that all muslims don't agree with these leaders but if  there are no more of one tenth of one percent who do that is enough troops to continue the war.....Parenthetically , it is also the reason Ambassador Kerry's "bold" call for five billion investment in Palestine is laughable.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

three rings?

Overlooked in the furor over Benghazi, the IRS , and seizing AP telephone records , two other simmering  scandals will pop up to add rings to the "Three Ring Circus". The most onerous of the two could be the functioning of the Labor Relations Board without a quorum. Two illegaly appointed members, the courts have ruled on the illegality, are on the board and contnue to provide a fictitous  quorum. All of the actions the Board has taken under these conditions are illegal and null and void if challenged. The administrations hope is that the cost of contesting rules will deter the challenges and that this illegal junta will continue on its merry way.
The other ring is the scandalous conduct of the Secretary of HEW , Ms. Sebelius has attempted to raise money outside the congressional grant of funds to help implement Obamacare this akin to the attempts under Regan to raise private funds in the Contra  controversy .  What is especially egregious in this situation is that the Secretary has attempted to mulct funds from entities under her jurisdiction sort of like the fellow who takes your money to protect your business.