Saturday, January 05, 2013


I cannot understand President Obama. It appears that he is merely a not to bright facile wordsmith or he has an agenda that is inimmical to the welfare of the country. If the former his economic actions are understandable as the result of uninformed good intentions , if the latter he is a threat to democracy and a champion of socialism. Socialism is the dream of a utopian society where everyone is guaranteed the same benefits in life. Every thinking person has supported this at some early stage of life but usually has relinquished this idea in the face of reality. Some benighted souls carry this dream into adulthood , usually the very successful or the very unsuccessful. The vast majority of people realize human nature is not truly altruistic in spite of some social scientists efforts to make the idea acceptable. The veneer of civilization vanishes easily when survival becomes a necessity. Socialism evolves into fascism as the governors lose their altruistic tendencies and become the beneficiaries of their positions. They then have to use forceful means to hold their privileges which of course engenders resistance. Societies change cyclically I hope Democracy can continue longer in the United States because restrained Capitalism has given rise to the wealthiest poor people , with the highest standard of living history has ever seen.