Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Arrogant Asses

The U S senate has a plethora of pompous and arrogant asses. They range from Republican pontificators to Democrat platitudenors. The leaders in these catagories are Trent Lott and Leaky Leahy. These two better look to their laurels they have just been challenged by Senator Chuck Schumer who stated that no new supreme court justices would be confirmed " unless they conformed to mainstream American values". Guess who decides what are "mainstream values".? Why , obviously that talented savant Senator Schumer. Hubris? Heck no , asinine confidence in his own abilities, which he assuredly posesses , derived from constant accolades of his sychophantic staff. Does anybody ever tell these preening peacocks they have no feathers?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

panthon of prosecutorial idiots

D A Bradley Berry of Oregon joins my pantheon of prosecutorial meglamaniacs for originally indicting two 13 year olds for felony sexual abuse for engaging in junior high school horseplay. He has dropped the charge to a misdemeaner and advised probation However these kids would have to register as sex offenders a stigma that would follow all their lives. What good does giving prosecutorial discretion accomplish when given to prople without any common sense. For his action he recieves my Golden Potato Head Nifong Award for the week. I intended to only give one a month but worthy recepients abound and it is a disservice to ignore them.

Monday, July 23, 2007

America cannot exist without oil

Is there one courageous politician willing to tell it like it is, in the face of environmental opposition? America can not exist without oil. It is disquieting to read the sloganeering that prevents us from developing our own oil reserves. I challenge the "save Alaska for our children" brigade to explain how their children will have the opportunity to experience Alaska when the American economy is in shambles as a result of world oil being ninety nine per cent controlled by foreign governments. They are not constrained from economic blackmail. I presume it will be working as roughnecks in the arctic for Chinese controled companies. We cannot have a military without oil. We cannot have agriculture or industry without oil. Pie in the sky promises of ethanol, wind power, solar power providing all the energy we need are are false . We cannot rely on such measures in a competitive world of increasing population. I'm all for protecting the environment. I want a realistic approach , holistic, which will consider the political and economic environment my children will live in not the one issue feel good, save the caribou, approach which controls the argument over hydrocarbon and nuclear power. Where is that politician? Nowhere, the short sighted only vote for people who speak pap rather then reality.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

kick the ant pile

It's a catastrophe Some child dies in an auto crash and the next day grief counselors descend on the school. There's a natural disaster and they appear out of nowhere to offer sevices. Who are they? What are they ? I'm 80 years old have lived through most everything and have never run into one of these people. Where do they hide and why do they appear? What service do they provide ? Do they make things better or worsen bad situations ? It was common in my youth to lose a classmates each summer to polio, and other scourges. We thought death was a part of life. We said too bad and went to class. We didn't have "professionals" of doubtful credentials ( internal rhyme, sorry )running to offer guidance and perhaps exacerbate the sorrow. Just who are these self appointed interlopers who show up when the ant pile is kicked. Who pays them or do they act gratuitously?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stupid prosecutors

A new addition, Daniel McDade, Georgia prosecutor who released child porn tapes in effort to preserve a sentence that should never have been given.. The Golden Mister Potato Head Nifong Award for the month of July.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

reality shmeality

The politicians play their pie in the sky oil policies while national oil companies of China , India, play footsie with national oil companies of Iran , Venezuela, Sudan and Brasil. I wonder how we are going to fuel our military when push comes to shove. Windmills, solar panels , fuel cells on tanks and airplanes? Strategic planning , not just for military , falls to feel good, get elected pandering.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

its not my job

Will congressional leaders realize that their job is to legislate for the good of the country not to conduct endless investigations to try to destroy political opponents. It's a disgusting performance

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The ACLU steps into the breach whenever religion pops up in public places. Crosses in cemeteries , on mountains , court house frescos or city shields and any references to Christianity at Christmas. They bring suit against public schools for allowing religous groups to use school facilities after hours. They even object to the phrase "under God". However it seems they only object to the Christian religion in publicly supported schools. Moslem prosyletising and preferential treatment for Islamists in a public school ,clearly in violation of the constitution, does not arouse their ire.This is occuring in a San Diego public school where Moslem rituals e.g. prayer are conducted during classroom time, and where pork and other foods are banned from the cafeteria and boys and girls are put into segregated classes in accord with moslem law. WHERE IS THE ACLU? Soliciting me for money because ,I guess, I'm a proffesed atheist.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

just to make things clear

I do not believe global warming is a myth. I believe it is mainly caused by natural phenomona. I believe the assumption that human effort can halt it is arrogant and stupid. I do not believe that climate change is the biggest threat to the U S. I believe jihadist Islam and political correctness is. I do not believe the pundits who assume the American Hispanic community favors illegal immigration. I think most of them, the pundits , only hear activists in Washington and not the working Hispanic citizens. I believe energy independence is an attainable goal but not through using food crops to make ethanol. I believe too many district attorneys use their positions for self aggrandisement and to further their political ambitions. I believe the ACLU lost its way since the wars of the civil rights movement and no longer is a proponent of free speech. I believe zealot atheists are as much of a pain as zealous religionists. I believe people have a right to die and live as they wish as long as they do not infringe on others right to do the same. I believe most politicians are not to bright and are concerned with their own welfare.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

apologise al

Do you think Al Gore and the greenies will apologise when it becomes apparent to all that sun cycles and not greenhouse gases are the major cause of global temperature fluctuations ? Will they apologise for the enrichment of the companies that thrive off their fervid rhetoric and doomsday warnings. Will they apologise for all the ill considered policies adopted by politicians currying favor with an ill informed Goreian proslytised electorate. Will they apologise for putting forth false alarms about shrinking ice caps and rising seas as a result of co2 pollution ? Heck no, just a petulant "never mind" might be forthcoming. In the meantime steps to avert the effects of global warming, if it continues , will be ignored while we play at doing something effective by decreasing our "carbon footprint" and feeling highly moral.