Wednesday, November 18, 2009

oh president, where art thou

There is an old political joke , the candidate says well, we won what do we do now, the answer for Obama is to keep on campaigning. The president has turned over the reins of government to Pelosi, Reid, Emmanuel, and Axelrod, they are the administrators: the background to Obama's frenetic campaigning. They are not up to the job. From the failure to provide flu vaccine to the inability to produce honest figures on employment engendered by the stimulus bill they have shown the administrations ineptitude . All they have done is increase the national debt by 1.4 trillion in eight months. Even the Chinese are fearful of the economy destroying practices of this administration and congress.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

bloomberg blooper

It is right that the terrorists should be tried in N.Y.federal court said Mayor Bloomberg and other savants. Of course the first thing the defense attorneys will do is move for a change of venue and probably get it.This whole mess is a political move to embarass the United States the CIA, the FBI , the military, and the Bush administration to satisfy the ardent left wingers of the democrat party. It will give propaganda victories to the terrorists and aid recruitment of bombers. It is truly disgusting to see the welfare of the United States traded for political posturing.

Friday, November 13, 2009

repeat after me

Where does the constantly trumpeted figure of 44,000 deaths a year because of lack of health insurance come from? The number has been repeated so often it is taking on a patina of truth. I suspect that it resembles the truth in the same way government figures of jobs created by the stimulus bill reflects the truth. A figure arrived at without a scintilla of evidence.

Monday, November 02, 2009

President? Obama?

I do not think Obama is a president. I think he is a campaigner for a continual presidency . As of this date he has made twenty two fund raising appearances and has campaigned on behalf of two gubernatorial candidates. He has left the task of proposing legislation to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid while he cavorts in public. I thought a president was a leader with some decorum ,not a perpetual candidate and celebrity.