Saturday, April 30, 2005

black blood for oil

The protesters who accuse the U. S. of being the international Dracula are missing a more identifiable target. China is hand in glove with the inhumane arab regime in the Sudan and has worked to block any change in that regime which continues to murder black africans. Why, you ask, because China is recieving 7% of its imported oil from Sudan and is major partner of the Sudanese government developing oil reserves in Sudan. Sound familiar, think France and Saddam.

Friday, April 29, 2005

the whole story

Startling news report that the United States has more imprisoned persons than any other country.... what no newspaper pointed out is that 30 percent of the prison population is made up of ILLEGAL aliens in prison for felonies.. not for being in the U S illegaly.

capricious justice

A jury convicted the Arthur Anderson accounting firm of obstructing justice for telling Enron employees to shred papers in accord with company policy. This action was taken prior to any government investigation. The conviction has been appealed to the Supreme Court and it looks like it willl be overturned, rightly so. Contrast this Anderson action with the conniving of Koffi Annan's chief of staff,Mr.Riza. Mr Riza shredded documents concerning the oil-for - food program while the Volcker committe was investigating. The, oh so honorable, Mr. Annan has decided that this action was not intended to impede the investigation but was an innocent mistake;like allowing Mr. Annan's son to distribute business cards to visitors to his fathers office. The U N may be necessary but it surely needs reforming.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

delay delay

I don't like people like Tom Delay. I don't like people like Al Gore, or Dobson , or Nancy Pelosi. They are people of little intellect and large ambitions and an absolute certainty that their positions are correct and that everyone else is a lesser mortal. Their egos shine so bright they are blinded and cannot see their own frailities. The leaders of the self satisfied pack however is that pompous ass Senator Leahy

Sunday, April 24, 2005

true lies

The investigators alluded to in the previous note had to affirm they resigned as a matter of principal because one of the committee members , a Mr. Goldstone, contended that they had resigned because their work was complete. This saga of lies has cast real doubt on the credibility of the Volcker committee. Why haven't the N.Y. times and Washington Post picked up on this possible whitewash?

Thursday, April 21, 2005

where's everyone

On page 26 of my local Denver paper there is a fifty word note alluding to the resignation of two of the leading investigators of Paul Volckers committee probing the UN oil for food program. Robert Parton and Miranda Duncun resigned because the report issued by the committe was too soft on Koffi Annan.. It is a shame a man as respected as Paul Volcker lends his prestige to this cover-up. The sad thing is while our media pay all kinds of attention to the alledged personality flaws of ambassador designate Bolton, they completely ignore this story

Monday, April 18, 2005

the petty posse

The fact that the political parties can argue over inanities like Bill Frist's appearance on a religous program, or Bolton's relationship with subordinates, or Terry Schiavo is totally disgusting. The nation is faced with a fight for economic survival in a rapidly changing world and these clowns argue over ephemera. Wake up congress, whether the communion host transubstantiates or remains symbolic is hardly a question to influence realities ...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

un or us

Is the United States representative to the U N supposed to represent the U N or the U S.? If the latter John Bolton is a good choice. The moribund U N , an orginzation run by world bureacrats whose main interest is to keep the cushy jobs they have and avoid returning to their dismal origins while living the Manhattan high life and thieving what they can. Our U N ambassador should represent American interests even if Barbara Boxer disagrees.