Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"zombie wills ",not quite living

With all the attention given to "living wills" I think it's necessary to point out the inconsistencies arising under the law governing these instruments. First "living wills" do not enable one to chose the method, time or place of ones death they merely allow the refusal of methods to prolong life. One is faced with the unfortunate choice of refusing life extending practices and slowly dwindling away in a situation which may be painful or living on in spite of a wish to die.
Why don't the states permit one to chose the time ,place and manner of their death. Old people who want to die as they chose should have the right to do so just as women have the right to chose an abortion..I don't believe it serves any public good to refuse this right to those who wish die. This is certainly a more seious church intrusion on civil rights than exhibiting a creche on public property or including "under God" in the pledge of alliegance.


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