Wednesday, August 31, 2005

those so blind

Gasoline at three or four dollars .. blame the greedy oil companies...blame the government..blame saudi arabia.... but never never blame environmental organisations which have fought with scare tactics and misinformation the building of new refinaries within the united states, successfully too. There hasn't been a new one built in thirty years. The public doesn't know or care that we import a large part of our gasoline. We are constantly bombarded by the "fact": drilling in alaska will only add three month or six month supply of crude to our needs but no one mentions it would almost double domestic production. Catering to the doomsday enviromental lobby will soon cost this nation dearly as jobs, the economy, and the standard of living rapidly decine while scare groups thrive on the contributions of scientific and economic ignoramouses.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a rose by any other name

The airforce emulating the huge success of the ncaa in political correctness has changed "indian" names of its exercises. "Warrior"becomes "phantom", "chief becomes arrow", "falcon brave" becomes "falcon dart ",and" falcon indian" becomes "falcon sabre". Many warriors from various nations are extremely disturbed over becoming ghosts, while many ceo's are upset at becoming "arrow executive officers" not to mention thepanic among" police arrows"," fire arrows" and "arrow petty officers". Our avian friends were proud to be courageous flyers. They can only be grateful that the change to "Falcon Dart" was not alliterative.