Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a rose by any other name still smells

The arctic ice cap is growing again . The antarctic has more ice than anytime in the last 71 years. The world temperature has declined .07 celsius degrees in the last ten years Still the carbon dioxide level continues to rise. What to do if you have drawn a wrong conclusion from observable facts. Change the game. We are no longer , i hope , gullible enough to fear anthropogenic causes for global warming so the vested interests in the warming hysteria have a new charge "Global Climate Change". This is genius, now wether or not the future weather is warmer or colder the Savonorolas of climate can argue their prescience and continue to affect political policy and garner financial rewards. Please, sycophants of Al Gore, realize climate has always changed,always will change until entropy occurs and the earth is one ball of ice.