Friday, November 17, 2006

deja view

I never knew idiot ideas from experts could repeat until I read an A P report that some climatologist has suggested to the U N that we intentionally spew pollution into the air to slow global warming. It was only thirty one years ago that a noted scientist suggested that we cover the arctic ice cap with carbon black to slow global cooling. Good grief, have either of these learned gentlemen ever considered the law of unintended consequence which states do something for the sake of doing something and it will come back to bite you in the nether regions.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

pelosi's petro promise

I love alliteration but a abhore idiocy. The new speaker has stated that we must become self sufficient in energy sources. Yet her first action to accomplish this will be to hinder petroleum exploration within the United States. She intends to rely on alternative fuels to run our industrial society. Does she think we have unlimited time to switch to alternative fuels or that her enviromentally feverish compatriots will allow expansion of nuclear or coal power..Windmills and corn cobs are not going to do it. The money used to encourage such use will merely reward a new set of oligarchs like corporate farms and Archer Danieil Midland. Mean while or enemies like China and theArab zealots will continue tying up all the available petroleum...

mea culpa western style

It is all the fault of the Western World, especially theUnited States. Exploitation of the rest of the world has resulted in HIV in Africa , recurring floods in Bangladesh, earthquakes in Asia,poverty in the Arab population, un remittung plagues of locusts and the ubiqitousness of coca-cola: at least that is the prevailing view among psuedo intellectuals in Europe and the groves of American academicia. Let us contemplate a world as envisioned by these people, it is a world in which the muslim leaders who have repeatedly stated their aim to destroy the infidels and western culture are not serious in their intent. That the only reason they make threats and blow up buildings is American intransigence and that the west can reason with religous zealots and if we were nicer they would refrain from from such assertivness.. If they assumes such an ostrich like position , denying reality ,they will deserve having their exposed posteriors violated.

Monday, November 06, 2006

i surrender here

We are in the throes of election idiocy. Slimy commercials misrepresenting candidates views and votes are rampant. The only view I see completely ignored is a true one. In the name of political correctness not one candidate has faced publicly the unpleasant fact that we are at war. Not a war of our own choosing but a war that has been declared against the West by muslim jihadists and not renounced by a large proportion of the muslim community. This is not a war resulting from United States support of Isreal but a war against the non muslims of the world. The object of this war, repeatedly stated by its leaders, is to destroy non muslims. Ridiculous. perhaps, but do not underestimate the strength of religous fanaticism fed by unrelenting repitition of the canard that the West is the cause of all the ails of the muslim world. It is interesting that not one candidate in election mode has chosen to refer to this war. What are they afraid of? Perhaps the liberal press accusing them of extremism. It is not extreme to mention a sincere threat to our existence. While it maybe true " all jihadists are muslims but not all muslims are jihadists" I will remind them of the fact that"all Nazis were German but not all Germans were Nazis" did not prevent world war 2.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

sell out to big whine

Nancy Pelosi of California has voted against strengthining border protection, increasing border patrol, requiring employers to check citizenhip of workers,id for voting. She has voted for giving drivers liscences to illegals and is for preventing co-operation between local and federal authorities enforcing immigration laws.. Nancy Pelosi is worth 55 million with vineyards in the Napa valley worth 25 million. In spite of recieving a United Farm Workers award she hires only "non- union" workers a euphuism for non legal. Nothing like voting your own interest. This is the person who will become majority leader if or when dems win the house..Hastert is a jerk and I doubt he's clever enough to equal this kind of hypocrisy...