Friday, September 29, 2006

humanitarian or polititical

There is advertising on television depicting the horrors of genocide in the Sudan which ends with an appeal to the president to "end the genocide in Darfur". I wonder how the president is supposed to accomplish this. Do the humanitarians expect the United States to unilaterally send troops into the moslem controlled country and unseat the government. Such action is dsapproved of by these same people in Iraq. T he U.S. can not get support from the Chinese which is in partnership with the Sudanese Arabs developing and protecting the oilfields of Sudan. China recieves a large portion of its oil needs from this partnership. Nor can the French be relied on , they have oil concessions from the government. The Moslem government of Sudan refuses to let U N peacekeepers into the country and the UN is impotent in any case because of Chinese and French veto power. Moslem countries in general support the government of Sudan. The perpetrators of these ads have to know that unilateral action by the U S could mean military confrontation with China . The question therfore is are these ads humanitarian or political in nature.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

senator lindsey graham...crackers?

According to the senator we will win the struggle against terrorists because "we are better than they are". There hasn't been a more fatuous statement since "God is on our side". This represents political correctness taken to an extreme . We are now going to fight wars by being morally superior to the enemy. Why even defend yourself ? Just tell the attacker we are nicer than you and watch him quake.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

hold my nose and vote

I am going to vote Republican in spite of the fact thatI favor abortion, assisted suicide, stemcell research , freedom from unreasonable search etc because I am more frightend of the despotism and beliefs of the extreme left than I am of the religous beliefs of the extreme right. These highly rigid demagouges of both persusions believe they answer to a higher morality than the rest of us. I however think , forced to chose, the danger to the nation from the extreme right is less than the threats from the extreme left .

Friday, September 08, 2006

archetypical archival thief

It is absolutely hilarious for Sandy Berger, the sneak thief of the federal archives, to object to his portrayal in the ABC miniseries. It is impossible to determine his role in various descisions during the Clinton administration since his infamous waddle out of the archive offices with stolen documents stuffed down his pants. The question of course is what documents did he destroy ( we must assume that they cast an unfavorable shadow upon him) and why did he destroy them. Incidentally , how come he didn't do jail time for this theft as an ordinary citizen would....