Friday, September 28, 2007

2005 redux food prices

Food prices , fueled by demand for grains, are rising at the fastest pace in 17 years. The price of bread has increased 24 percent in one year.. Yet, our uninformed congress and president bow to the demands of pressure groups to increase and subsidize the transformation of corn into fuel. This is patently ridiculous. It annoys me because two years ago the unintended consequence was readily apparent to anyone with half a brain and no desire to win votes from the farm bloc or campaign contributions from Archer Daniel Midland.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I surrender

I cannot keep up my Pantheon of Prosecutorial Nifong Potato Heads. There are so many my list making task is becoming onerous and depressing. The latest ; a 15 year old trying to impress girls accidentaly backed over a child :scared, he drove off. He has been charged as an adult with vehicular homocide. If convicted he will enter years of incarceration as a child and be released as as a hardend criminal. A mother neglectfully kills her child and is charged with murder. What purpose is served by indictments like this ? There should be a crime termed "terminal stupidity" under which people could be charged for events of this type and prosecutors would have an alternative to idiocy.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

whatever happened to the ACLU

Once upon a time their was a noble protector of free speech, civil rights and the underdogs. I cannot recognise that in the present day ACLU. Where is the organization that stood up for the rights of Nazi's to parade. I have not seen one example in the last ten years where the ACLU has supported the rights of of anyone, or group, on the right of the political spectrum. They have become blind to abuse of individual rights of people whose politics they disagree with. This is not the orginization I idealistically supported for many years. It has become a nasty partisan political group. Interested mostly in awarded attorney fees for its lawyers, and ignoring injustices to those not endorsing its aims.