Tuesday, August 12, 2008

free beer

I really don't know if this is legal but it sure seems amoral. Barrick Obama has stated that if he is elected he would work to get a one thousand dollar rebate to voters and eliminate any taxes on seniors earning less than fifty thousand dollars. Is this buying votes ? If a candidate said vote for me and I'll give you one thousand dollars it sure would be illegal. I don't see the difference, I guess I'm too naive for politics

Sunday, August 03, 2008

obamas math class

Obama starts off with ten percent lead among all voters through the "non -racist" vote of ninety four per cent of black voters. That means of the remining ninety percent of voters he has to garner 45 percent of the remaining votes while Mccain must get 55 percent of remaining votes to win ,pretty tough, but remenber Obama had a twenty percent ( higher percentage of black delegates) built in advantage over Hillary and she pulled out most of the eleven last primaries