Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A D M reaps reward

All hail the all powerful Archer Daniel Midland co. grand contributor to politicians of all persuasions... They recieve a 51 cent subsidy on every gallon of ethanol they produce and they produce most of the ethanol used in the US somewhere around 100 million gallons. An attachment to the energy bill mandates a 5 to 8 billion gallon increase in ethanol use, a product that reduces gas mileage, does nothing to improve air quality, and may even reduce the quality according to the EPA . Politicians from the corn growing states along with the lickspittles of congress are frothing at the mouth for the oppurtunity to award their benefactor.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

where the elite meet

European leaders, faced with two rejections of the E U constitution, have decided to delay any more plebicites on the issue. They declare that the elites must find out what their citizens are concerened over. Wouldn't it be fine if our "elites" would recognise their detatchment from citizens. Perhaps then they might adress some of the problems the constituents feel important. They could concern themselves with ILLEGAL immigration, the delays in approving drugs that Europeans have been using safely for years, the over weaning influence of trial lawyers on legislation, the frivolous lawsuits resulting in jackpot awards to attorneys, the intrusion of government on personal descisions involving life or death,the influence of Archer Daniel Midland and oil companies on energy policy,and the petty idiotic bickering between the true believers of the right and left which is destroying the fabric of our nation at a time when our global position is threatend economicaly and militarily.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

razzle dazzle rules

It is gratifying to witness the application of the first rule of scamming e.g. "when discovered ,keep on lying and denying". The three major proponents at this time are Koffi Annan , Ward Churchill and Bernie Ebbers. Although I'm sure that Jacques Chirac will join this threesome at some future date when he is finaly tried on corruption charges.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

global warning

Only about four per cent of greenhouse gases are the result of human endeavors, the rest being provided from natural causes.like volcanoes, forest fires, termite flatulance , yes, humans and cattle add their share. The worst and most catostrophic prediction is a ten degree increase in temperature over the next century. Four percent of that increase attributable to man made pollutants would be .4 degrees hardly enough to raise the sea level noticably within that 10 degree temperature change. It seems to me the hieght of hubris to think that the Kyoto treaty can do much to affect what is an event , climate change , that has been occuring since earthly time began. It is politically correct to moan over the event so we will do something ; ineffectual as it will be .

Saturday, June 11, 2005

he's a good boy

It seems everytime a minority youth is arrested or shot pictures of a grieving mother and family members are published in the media. In each case. no matter how long the rap sheet for various crimes , the bereaved relatives will echo the mother's sentiment that the arrestee or deceased was a "good boy". In the event it is not a minority member the neighbors will all be quoted as saying "unbelievable, he was a nice guy".

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

pants over heads

why is there more "moral" indignation in the media over a picture of a prisoner of Americans with underpants on his head than a picture of a beheaded American ?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

insurgents or invaders

Why does the media insist on calling the suicide bombers in Iraq insurgents. Insurgents are those within a country in unorganised revolt against their government. While there are some Sunni Iraqis involved in insurgency, the vast majority of jihad suicide martyrs come from other arab lands.They are invaders. These tools of the radical muslim movement have one goal , destroying the fledgling democracy and throwing Iraq into chaos, in hope that an Islamic theocracy will arise. Of course these more moral people would then exercise governing power. As Iran is worse off under theocracy then it was under the shah :Iraq would be worse off under these rulers than it was under Saddam.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

extra protection agency (EPA)

Three states New York, California, and Connecticut petitioned the EPA to allow them to quit using ethanol to oxygenate fuel . The states averred they could meet clean air standards without using oxygenation. The EPA in what must stand as the wierdest reasoning by bureaucrats stated "that the states failed to show using ethanol prevented them from meeting clean air standards", HUH ? The EPA then went on to say that economic loss to farmers would occur if ethanol was not produced from corn. I guess the eight cents per gallon added to the cost of a gallon of gasoline was an inconsequential cost to consumers. Is it coincidence that one of the largest contributors to both political parties Archer- Daniels-Midland is the largest supplier of ethanol. Since when has the EPA become a farmer protection agency or an ADM enabler.