Friday, August 31, 2007

coming out of the stall

I do not understand why solicitation for unpaid sex occuring in a public lavatory is a crime. I could understand why committing a sex act in public is a crime. My concern is what makes a public lavatory different from the normal hetero or homosexual pick up bar where solicitation for sex occurs regularly and nobody is ever charged with a crime. Maybe it is because the ambience in a public bathroom is so conducive to sex, ugh.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

what war on terror

Please, some body in authority stop being politically correct. This is not a war on terror. This is an attempt to stave off attacks by a militant army of Jihadist Muslims who believe they are fighting a Holy War against infidels that will eventually result in muslim hegemony over a large part of the world. The pathetic attempts by politicaly correct apologists ignore the realities in the same manner Hitlers"s avowed purpose was ignored. The West cannot afford the luxury of ignoring the expressed aim of these attackers. This is not a threat to be thwarted by police but only through recognition that it is a war: not of our choosing, but a war.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

where's the ACLU

New York city board of education is opening a school for middle eastern muslim children. The school will only teach about Arab culture and not religion. Please tell me how you divorce Arab culture from Islam. Since Islam is a state religion it would seem that the two are inextricably combined. It totally naive to believe they can be divorced. Italian immigrants were not provided with Catholic schools, Jews not prvided with schools, Buddhisis not provided with schools. If they had been the ACLU would have sued on seperation of church and state grounds . Where is the ACLU. Busy fighting over t-shirts and crosses in graveyards.. What a duplicitous orginazation.. As Stalin said , useful idiots..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

no drilling within 50 miles

No drilling for oil within 50 miles of the Florida coast. Does this rule apply to the Venezualens, Cubans and Chinese who intend to explore Cuban waters ? Do similar restrictions apply to the Russians who intend to explore the Arctic ? Nope, they . only apply to our domestic companies: energy independence , my foot.