Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bear with Me

I am delighted that we can protect polar bears, whose numbers have doubled over the last four decades, as a threatened species. When will we protect man whose population is growing as fast,from famine ? What a bunch of warm and fuzzy nonsense. This is a transparent effort to prevent oil drilling in Alaska. It won't stop the Russians or Chinese

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i have met the enemy

The comedians all blame Cheney and Bush for high oil prices. I submit another culprit, the Congress.I cannot believe that the congress could act in the fashion it does without recieving support from "Big Oil"and foreign governments. The dramatic rise in oil price has come about because of congress opposing the development of nuclear energy, clean coal, building of oil refineries, domestic development of oil resources, and foisting on the public hair brained schemes like subsidized ethanol. These policies result in increased dependence on imported oil and transfer of a billion and a half dollars a day to foreign oil producers. A corallary of this transfer is the continuing devaluation of the dollar. Any attempt to increase domestic production does not have a chance because of congressional opposition. Who benefits from this congressional behavior : Big Oil and and foreign government oil companies, while consumers suffer. It's difficult to believe this occurs because of stupidity.