Thursday, March 31, 2005

school iq zero

In response to media overplay of "Columbine", legislators in various state passed legislation to try to divert another school tragedy . The legislation usually took the form of "Zero Tolerance" rules to be enforced by school adminstrators. Previous experience should a have alerted the legislators to the timidity and retreat from common sense that would result. School administrators are governed by two rules , avoid lawsuits and cover your butt. It was perfectly forseeable that with the draconion rules promulgated by the legislator and adherence to the aforementioned principles of principals, the result would be chaos. Children were led away in handcuffs for inadvertantly bringing an aspirin or boyscout knife to school , or in a more extreme case for writing a story that included violence at school. The only thing that can be learned from this exercise in futility is that I Q testing for school administrators and legislators might have them all in remedial classes.


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