Tuesday, September 18, 2018

the supine comedy

Government institutions, the top power brokers of the FBI  , IRS, CIA ,ETC are  enamored of their lofty positions and the concomitant respect , honor and above all else the power of their positions. If they  could make them hereditary they would. It is embaressing to watch this coterie of unelected scheme and connive to exercise and preserve their authority. What is even worse ,the public watch dogs who are supposed to supervise them have fallen into a chasm of chaos , feuding between parties, which has effectively removed supervision of these unimpeachable icons of probity How can we expect civil sevants at the highest echelon of power to act when they are responsible to one. The senate , the house have become a laughingstock, completely unable to preserve the functions of these agencies for which they hold the purse strings because of the internicine warfare between the political parties. The appointed bureaucrats are stealing the country while congressional children squawl in their playpen,


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