Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Hiding in plain sight

Absolutely hilarious the  press keeps referring to a group of thugs calling themselves anti-fascist as Antifa while they emulate the antics of Hitler's Brown shirts and Mussolini's. Black shirts  That is not to say they are are any worse in their zealotry than groups they target. The disease they carry , zealotry , is infectious and no less onerous than the diatribes of the KKK and other idiots. Of course they represent themselves as virtuous  fighting the good fights but that is contradicted when they use the tactics of intimidation and barbarism common themes among such groups. Hitler's group also screamed the were saving the country as did Mussolini's thugs and both of these groups claimed to be socialists when in fact they used fascist tactics. The Antifa group should be called what it demonntrates the Profa