Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You Can Lose Your Faith

If there is one thing that holds this nation together it is faith in the honesty of the president. It has been sorely tried on occasion , Clinton and Monica, Nixon and Watergate , Harding and Teapot Dome are remembered. I have researched presidents who have been reviled for their policies their private lives or personality traits . I have never heard of or witnessed a president who repeatedly and knowingly stated  lies   to the people until the present incumbent.  He disavowed all knowledge of acts by his Attorney General. He denied awareness of chicanery at the IRS, covered up the failure at Benghazi. This litany of deceptions I excused as incompotence. The crowning achievement in his parade of duplicity was his constant iteration concerning Obamacare.. "If you like your health insurance, you can keep it, If you like your doctor you can keep him" . when it was apparent to anyone who read the act and HHS interpertation this was patently untrue. The man has repeatedly lied to the American public and if his sycophants and true believers do not think this a breach of trust meriting impeachment, I do.....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tea for Two

Of all the exercises in futility I have witnessed in my eighty six years was the continuing attempt by extreme right congress people to halt the  birthing  of Obamacare.  It was going to happen even if there had been congressional immolations on the Capital steps. After their initial efforts had been stalemated
 they had established their credentials and given their best shot.
  This was the moment to step back and let the monstrosity of legislation take center stage and begin its elphantine dance to destruction through, among other failings, technological incompotence.  The Affordable Care Act Is neither affordable to the prospective purchasers of the insurance offered nor does it offer substantial care. The policies present with high deductables and co- payments which make the term insurance laughable and unaffordable. It merely proves the adage that governmen fiat cannot make a contract  only a comedy.
 The idea that any healthy young person is going to purchase a contract insuring future health is ludicrous . I'll wait until I get sick or pregnant then I will buy it is a perfectly logical position to take since pre -existing conditions do not disqualify  a purchase, and they can ride their parents policy anyway.
 The personal cost of insurance is only one fissure in this social contract. Where are you going to find doctors who will accept government red tape in diagnosis , treatment and payment it is hard to find physicians who will accept new medicare patints, let alone medicaid.  I do belive there will be an enormous growth in concierge practices and a resulting two tier medical system.
 All in all the inransigentrightists have overplayed their hand . Even
  now after the tantrums I think ACA will have limited life in its present form.