Tuesday, March 15, 2005

illegal negligence

Today 130 members of a salvadoran based gang, almost all illegal aliens ,were arrested .What was really interesting is that some of these gangsters had been arrested many times and deported three or more times. Coincedentaly , another gang of eastern european smugglers ,almost all illegal aliens, were arrested for smuggling weapons into the u s for sale. It is the hieght of irresponsibility and an insult to all Americans that our elected officials ,democrat and republican, do not act to protect our borders and remedy this abhorrent situation. Let me suggest a simple remedy, any person or corporation hiring an illegal alien be immediately fined $10000 dollars, for the second offense $50000 and for any subseqent offense jail time .Thirty percent of our prison population is made up of illegal aliens being held for serious crimes.. Where is the outrage; only among citizens politicians better wake up or they will be voted out of office.


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