Tuesday, March 22, 2005

sweet sewers

Two ladies during a binge weekend threw a party. They provided alchohol to underage football recruits , a felony, with which for some reason they have not been charged. They also made available a party dish of condoms, I dont know what colors but probably gold and black, the University of Colorado colors. During the festivities the ladies so drunk they cannot clearly remember believe they were raped. This is a terrible action on the part of the rapists but I am not sure that the young men were not induced to have sex with older women which would be a crime committed by the alledged victims. All this is besides the point of this comment :which is that the two party girls are now suing the university for not protecting them from the results of their own behavior. Their parents , instead of abhoring their actions are supporting their suit. Isn't a college experience a wonderful thing. Sweet sewers


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