Wednesday, February 28, 2007

prosecutors unlimited

In my pantheon of prosecutors I had Duke prosecutor Nifong in first place. He has now been supplanted by Prosecutor John Sutton of Texas who seems to make a hobby out of prosecuting border patrol agents and giving amnesty to drug smugglers and other assorted naughty , murderous illegals. Nifong is now relegated second place. Another Texas office,where prosecutors suppressed evidence to obtain a conviction of a border patrol agent which has since been overturned and the agent exonorated , that of Merwyn Mossbacker has moved into third position. Eddie Jordan, New Orleans D A prosecuting a doctor and two nurses for murder in spite of medical report that no homicide exists remains at fourth. The fifth position remains with Fitzgerald prosecuting Libby for obstruction in investigation of a crime that never was committed.

gore electric

What's this ? Al Gore uses 30,000 dollars worth of gas and electricity at one of his three houses. Well yes , but at this house for four months he purchased "green power" at an extra charge of 400 hundred dollars a month.The extra 400 is used to help subsidize renewable energy research and sources. The message is, if you have enough money, you don't have to sacrifice any use of energy. Thats quite an egalitarian message: on a par with Marie Antoinette"s "let them eat cake".

Friday, February 23, 2007

Brazil energy story

Brazil has doubled its domestic oil production in the past decade, from one to two million bbls per day. Brazil relies on ethanol for 15 percent of its transportation needs. Brazil is the fifteenth largest oil importer in the world . Brazil imports 572 thousand bbls a day. The largest reasons for a decline in Brazilian reliance (which still exists) on foreign oil is increased domestic production. Ethanol production on the scale of Brazilian effort would provide about 2 per cent of our transportation needs. .To all who may be offended by these facts google it yourself, i'm just tired of the constant refrain "brazil is energy independent through ethanol".

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

chicken chronicle

The Houston Chronicle ran a front page story describing the effects of a 225 mile an hour tornado wind on the city, claiming that 23,000 lives would be lost. Thats nothing, when the yellowstone caldera explodes half the mid west will die. and just think of the havoc if a tsnumai hit chicago or an asteroid landed on New York. Gosh Al gore is a piker with his scary scenarios.

Monday, February 19, 2007

prosecuting persecutors

Add to the list of infamous prosecuting attorneys , the heroes of justice who obtained a conviction of Border Patrol officer Sipes by supressing evidence. These champion federal attorneys work for U.S. attorney Merwyn Mossbacker Jr. The conviction fortunately was thrown out on appeal due to the misconduct of the attorneys and in subsequent trial the officer was exonerated.. The federal government has paid 80000 dollars to the illegals who testified against the officer and supplied them with social security cards. However , as is not unusual, misconduct by the federal prosecutors has not , as far as I have been able to ascertain,resulted in any penalties for the miscreant attorneys.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

william jefferson??????

Nancy Pelosi, who didn't deem william jefferson congressional bribe taker from Louisiana,fit for the tax committee; has appointed the crook to the "homeland security" committee... So much for her promise to run a clean government... if hypocrisy were money congress could settle the national debt and provide free health care for the world.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my favorite things

Political hypocrites..religous zealots..atheist zealots..arrogant prosecutors..the modern aclu..true believers in global warming..true believers in anti-vaccine, anti-flouridation , anti- evolution,and the "benefits" of organic products.. those who profit from fears of frankenfoods and radio transmission towers..those who think we should live forever..the people who make lists of most"dangerous toys".. those who find can offense in every remark..those who make offensive remarks..leaders who will take no action to improve social security or illegal immigration problems..those who think we can achieve energy self sufficiency thru depleting food supplies e.g.corn and ignore nuclear energy and domestic oil production..those who don't think we are privileged to live in the best of times..amnesty international..all demagogues of all persuasions..every orginazation that solicits funds to finance their efforts to tell us what is good for us..all the "non-profits" that exist to provide salaries for the non-profit officers and employees..those who KNOW they are right...without them what would I have to dislike ?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Go Guiliani

The only presidential candidate who realises and is not to afraid to express the truth that militant islam, which represents at least one hundred million people is trying to destroy western governments. Rudy told the saudis to keep their offered blood money. He would have the courage to expose the jihadist mosques and perhaps lessen the avowed purpose, and power of the jihadists. Although with the mealy mouthed, get elected at any cost, let's not offend, congress people, it may be a sysaphesian task.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Jonn Edwards Bloggers

John Edwards has refused to fire his bloggers in chief.. These two defamed Catholics in the most vile and vulgar way.. My test for horriblness of religous attacks is to substitute jew or moslem for the religion attacked and imagine the general reaction by the press . John Edwards is a pusillanimous jerk for not firing these two bigots. Incidentally, as my constant readers know I am an atheist.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

hotsy totsy

Stop this years global warming before I freeze to death. If last years hurricane season was fierce,indicative of global warming, is this seasons lack of hurricanes indicative of global cooling?

Monday, February 05, 2007

another prosector for mifong honor role

Eddie Jordan district attorney in louisiana is going to pursue murder charges against doctor and two nurses who cared for dying patients during hurricane Katrina. This, in spite of coroners finding that no homocide committed..Is there no end to malicious and , pompous prosecuters......

Sunday, February 04, 2007


new post

the sky is falling again

During my eighty years on this planet I have been subjected to all kinds of planetary extinction media hype.. I'm at little young for the hype on Martian canals but have been thru two cycles of gobal warming and global cooling and of course, The Bomb. The interesting thing is that after all this I do believe that a global warming cycle is underway.I do also belive part of cause is ethnographic. However I depart from the mainstream belief that ethnographic causes,manufacturing , the eternal combustion engine, are the major factors I deem them merely ancillary .
The major ethnographic cause is people . At the begining of the last century world population was about one and half billion now it is seven billion. As a result we have five and a half billion more organisms exhaling co2 and flatulating methane into the atmosphere . The increasing support system of sheep, goats, cattle etc. contribute a propotionate amount of the same materials. The problem is not the use of natural resources but one of the number of users. I submit unlimited population growth is the largest factor in planetary desecration and that any solution to the problems without population control is merely cosmetic and akin to trying to cure cancer with a band -aid

Friday, February 02, 2007

john sutton , mike difong etc

A new chapter to prosecutors run wild.... John Sutton , excels in the illustrious group of despicable prosecutors for charging and convicting two border patrol agents for shooting a drug smuggler. John however compounds his misguided ways by obtaining a conviction of a sheriffs deputy who in self defense shot at a car containing illegal border jumpers. With prosecutors like this why bother about realties of justice ,,