Thursday, May 26, 2005

incredible orgs

The U N and ACLU have a new companion on my incredible incredulous list. Amnesty International has ranked the U S along with Sudan as the top human rights violaters. This for the country that puts its own soldiers on trial for human rights violations,which contributed and supplied billions in relief to tsunami victims, supplied Africa with AIDS drugs, and rushes to the aid of any country afflicted by disaster..We are linked with the genocidal government actions of the Sudan (which the U N ignored at the behest of China). Have these self righteous idiots at A.I. never heard of N. Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, Syria, Cuba, Congo, Chechnia, on and on ad nauseum.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

pro choice

I am pro choice but I never get a choice. Candidates are selected by the extremists in each party. I certainly can't agree with the far right on abortion, stem cell research, and hatred for homosexuals... I certainly can't agree with the uni-global positions, the laissez faire attitude on immigration, and pornography , the wild environmentalists of the far left. These are the people who select the candidates for public office . It is amazing the country manages to function at all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

a. p.irony

In a story today on public attitudes about the press and its biases and trustworthiness the author saw fit to interview only one congressman . Democrat Congressman Conyers stated, predictably, " the press is unwilling to report the failures of the administration". The public is well aware of press bias in both directions but the journalist for AP was, hopefully, completely unaware of the bias in his piece.

Friday, May 20, 2005

canute canoodoling

The president will oppose any bill that would allow or support cloning that is certainly putting his religous convictions ahead of reality. The environmentalist movement oppose any building of nuclear plants, or thinning of forests to halt spread of pine beetle putting their religous belief ahead of reality. The Peta people want everyone to become a vegan putting their religous belief ahead of reality.. The moslem jihadists want all infidels to convert or die putting their religous beliefs ahead of reality. I am sick unto death of all these true believers who think their way is the right way and they are more moral than the rest of us and serving a "higher purpose". Let me remind them. Mr. President, cloning will be done..Environmentalists, nuclear power is here to stay. Peta, people are by nature omniverous. Jihadists, there are more christans ,budhists, jews , taoists , etc than you can kill and they all think their way is right. Face up to it once the genie is out of the lamp you can't stuff him back in and as powerful as you may be King Canute showed you can't stop the tide.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

my morality is better than yours

The creed of the true believer demands that his beliefs are of higher moral worth than others beliefs. This tenant allows him to commit acts which done in furtherance of such beliefs ,no matter how heinous , are sanctified .

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

murder for God

The N Y Times wonders what is the motive of the insurgents in Iraq. It is obvious that the Times is bringing a Western mind set to the question. The Times states that without a political plan and support of the population no insurgency can succeed. While that is a classic notion this insurgency is quite different. It is fueled by some native Iraqis and a large number of foreign religous zealots. They do not have a plan for governing Iraq, believing a theocratic state will emerge from the chaos of the civil war they are trying to incite. In order to further this result they have taken to murdering leaders ,religous and secular , who might provide peaceful evolution of a stable Iraqi regime and ,collaterally ,any native Iraqis who may be loitering in the area.

Monday, May 16, 2005

free information for Newsweek ?

Newsweek has responded to allegations about their story of the flushed Koran by stating that it cannot be confirmed and apologising to the resulting dead. The have not apologised to the people of the United States . They stated that their information came from a U.S. official who has provided reliable information in the past. I am so happy to know that our hired officials pass on tid- bits of news to commercial enterprises like Newsweek. Why do they dish the dirt to Newsweek? What do they get in return? Does it further their careers or bring down a policy or person they dislike, what is the motive? I think Newsweek should disclose this information and perhaps take such gossip with a tablespoon of salt. Incidentally, if the individual who passes along the back-fence talk as a matter of course is discovered he should be fired. This won"t happen :Newsweek will protect him. Update ...Newsweek just quit quibbling and retracted the story. Happy ending for all except the dead and the reputation of the U.S. One question remains, since the incident would be so inflammatory why publish in the first place... answer, to sell magazines and feed egos with a scoop.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

the new oxymoron

It was formerly "military intellegence" , "senatorial courtesy" , or " authentic reproduction" that would serve as the example of an oxymoron. We now have a new candidate for prime example provided by the illustrious "Newsweek" magazine. Newsweek reported a rumour, originating with unamed sources, that interrogators at Guantonamo had desecrated Korans in an attempt to wrest information from prisoners. This rumour , reported by Newsweek prompted anti-American riots all over the Moslem world resulting in deaths and injury. Newsweek cannot confirm the truth of this rumour or identifythe source but the story certainly had an effect in what is viewed as a religious conflict by one side. I now present Newsweek the oxymoron award of "responsibile journalism".

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

fool me once

When are the powers that be in the Iraqi police and armed forces recruiting department going to learn that it is counter productive to have prospective recruits massed outside recruiting stations. They have lost 100's of recruits and civilians to car bombs and homicide bombers through this practice. Please wake up guys; find another way to interview recruits . Providing targets for terrorists is stupid.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

volcker vacilates

Paul Volcker no longer is a credible person . He has transformed himself from an icon of probity to a menial follower of internationalism. His action in asserting the sanctity of the U N's diplomatic immunity , and a confidentiality agreement as superior to a citizens duty to respond to a subpeona indicates where his loyalties lie. His committe can no longer be viewed as a serious investigation of the UN oil for food program but only as an exercise in exculpatory effort to spare the orginazation from a searching investigation. As stated previuosly it is sad to see this end to a career.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

social insecurity

At the same time the administration is pushing a plan to save social security it is pushing legislation that would bankrupt social security . Under a theory called totallity, president Bush and Vincente Fox have signed an agreement that would put 5 million illegal aliens into the social security system . This legislation will be brought to congress for approval. Any congressman who votes in favor of this legislation should be deported to Mexico. The obvious result of this arrangement would be a huge increase in illegal immmigration and the more rapid demise of the social security system. It is an indefesible idea and I can not imagine any congressperson voting in favor being re- elected .

Friday, May 06, 2005

credibility, credulity

It is lamentable to watch one man destroy his reputation for honesty and forthrightness attained over years of public service. Paul Volcker is damaging himself beyond repair .. He has tried to prevent his chief investigator , Parton, from responding to a congressional subpoena. He lobbied congressmen in effort to thwart the subpoena and has threatend the other investigators with enforcement of non-disclosure agreements. What is the purpose of this reprehensible conduct? It can only be for the protection of Koffi Annan and other corrupt U N officials. Why is Volcker compromising himself in this fashion does he believe he serving some greater good by acting in this fashion? Please tell us Mr. Volcker.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

when there's trouble on the wind

The disdain for the military held by the N Y Times and the liberal elite is a luxury they can enjoy while all is secure in their own roseate world..This despicable attitude is currently being displayed in the highest reaches of academia where elite law schools are trying to prohibit recruiting by the armed forces at their tax supported schools.... Rudyard Kipling had it right "it"s Tommy this, and Tommy that , and Tommy get behind, But it's yes sir, Mr. Atkins, when there's trouble on the wind."

Sunday, May 01, 2005

universal health insurance

According to two Columbia University economics professors ILLEGAL immigrants (caps provided to insure readers note difference from legal, and I am hispanic so save the racist rant) cost the American economy 68 billion dollars a year. If we were to spend 28 billion to solve the problem we would still have 48 billion left over to buy health insurance for our uninsured citizens. When are the elected clowns in Washington going to address the problem. I was in an emergency room at St. Anthonys hospital last Saturday night and a good 50 percent of the patients were non-english speaking. I am tired of subsidizing the hotel, chicken producers, farmers , landscapers and other industries who use ILLEGALS and expect the tax payer to pay for health care, education and security for their employees. Pay higher wages and many Americans will do the jobs.

so's your old man

As a cursory reading of these thoughts should show the writer is an equal opportunity opponent of idealogues of both political parties. I must take issue with the democrat leadership at this time , the inimitable Nancy Pelosi critisizes every initiative Bush proposes and marshalls her forces to bury them, but she does so without admitting a problem exists, thereby avoiding the duty to present alternative plans. The democrats are going to have a difficult time winning elections by merely opposing Bush. They must come up with some alternative solutions. This is true unless the republican right wing extremists manage to shoot themselves in the foot while adjusting their halos, which is entirely possible.