Thursday, March 29, 2007

emasculation of the west

My diatribe directed to our peerless congressional leaders especiallly the arch - hypocrites Fienstein and Leahy bore no fruit ,although she has finally resigned from the committe which has enriched he husbands companies by billions in contracts, the continual time wasting investigation in to picayune matters like political firings of political appointees goes on. The disgusting political manuevering to insure election continues at the expense of the country. These asses will not admit we are the targets of a global jihad by extremist muslims and think they can continue secure in a world where we abdicate power and act pusalanimously in the face of direct provaction. The siezure of British sailors is the jihadists reiteration of the siezing of the u. s. embassy, a message saying to adherents "the west is weak of purpose and we will easily overcome their resistance". Unfortunately , they are right. If the mendacious fools , our leaders, do not recognise reality , give up political correctness and catering to "useful idiots" we will someday be bowing to mecca or speaking chinese

Friday, March 23, 2007

that's political

Senator Leahy's judiciary committee is conducting a political witch-hunt to find out if the white house firing of eight political appointees was political..... meanwhile the country's business is ignored and we continue to pay these fools.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Gore" an adequate sci-fi novel

A political icon becomes obssessed with fear of rising temperatures. Testifying before congress, producing a movie, conning the media he succedes in terrifying people around the world. Scientists dependent on funding from governments cater to these fears and, sensing a chance to wrest money from America ,smaller natiions at the world organization clamor for developed nations to cease using a disproportionate share of energy. Scientists who don't adhere to the hysteria are deprived of funding and in spite of their stature are relegated to the role of bystanders> A savior arises , an obscure savant attracts followers to his plan to reduce the radiation from the sun, lowering temperatures. He attracts more and more adherents until with great enthusiasm his plan is adopted and a great shield is placed about the earth . It works ,warming stops and it becomes colder.....and ...colder and ..colder .and co...... for the sun has entered a period of lesser radiation. Don't laugh ,in 1975 when a new ice age was expected some prominent idiot was espousung putting carbon black on the ice at the poles to encourage more heat absorption and thus more melting.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a pox on both your houses

I cannot believe the spectacle that is government today. Instead of working for the benefit of the country tawdry politicians are working to make each other seem monstrous. I am certain now , aided by a media that is only in interested in creating crisis in order to fill empty air time, the basis of our goverment is being eroded by unprincipled clowns inadvertently destroying institutions that have served us well as a nation. This confederation of fools we call congress are only concerned with their own survival at the next election and not at all concerened with the national good. I am afraid that sceptics of the 18th century were correct doubting the long term viability of democracies. Democracies cannot last, they carry a seed of destruction within which will sprout when watered by unfettered personal ambition.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

vaclav kraus revisited

Yesterday I reported the warnings of the Czech president concerning government intrusion into the lives of citizens as a result of "isms". How prescient of the president . Today their is talk in congress of mandating the use of flourescent light bulbs and ceasing production of incandescent bulbs ( to the delight of "Phillips" the leading producer of the former), further restrictions on makers of suv's, and increasing subsidies for ethanol.The latter to the delight of farmers , speculators and hogs at the public trough but mighty tough on people who eat...The price of corn has doubled .

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The name sounds like the title for a sci-fi novel, but he is a real person , the president of chzekoslovokia. He is also a realist who lived under soviet domination which required hewing to the party line. He gave a speech yesterday comparing the quasi-religous "isms" of our time with the quasi religous communism and facisms of an earlier period. If you are not aware of the religion of environmentalism insofar as its basic tenent e .g. "those awful human beings, myself excepted and you if you agree with me, are the cause of global warming": or humanism or animal rights or fuzzy idealism you should be. These "isms" are increasing the power of government over our lives and doing more to subvert human rights than the patriot act. We now have new classes of criminal conduct, smoking, offensive speech, and socially disaproved acts like using two squares of toilet paper instead of just one. Shortly we can expect controls over caloric intake,and the amount of energy one may consume. Don't worry about prohibition though: even comunist Russia couldn't bring that turkey back. It is ironic that followers of the "isms" are also supporters of the aclu blithely tripping their way to greater government control of our lives.

Friday, March 02, 2007

legalland, martha and scooter libby

I was a lawyer but obviously a lousy one. Because I still can't figure out why Martha Stewart was convicted.The story is she lied to an investigator about wether or not she had committed a crime. She denied that she had so she was charged with obstruction of justice. Was she supposed to confess to a crime when questioned ? If a suspect charged with murder denied that he committed the crime could he later be charged with lying? Isn't there a rule prohibiting forced self incrimination? This brings us to the Libby trial .He is charged with obstruction of justice in a situation where no crime was committed or charged to anyone . How can you obstruct justice in a case where there is no crime. Legal fictions are fun but only when Grisham or Gardener write them, and you don't get stuck with attorney fees, or sent to prison.