Sunday, July 28, 2013

lots of gall.. hospitals

I am very grateful for the attention and care I recieved fom the numerous attendants at  the local ER trauma center when I arrived there with a truly painful gallstone. Pain was relieved quickly through sedation and the next morning an ERCP procedure was performed and flawlessly removed the offending stone caught in the biliary system. The next day I was scheduled for removal of the offending gall bladder. This was performed flawlessly by the surgical team.   My only complaint with the entire procedure is that I was treated like a mushroom by all involved except the surgeons. Whenever I tried to find out why something was occuring or if I had choices I was ignored. When I tried to discover why  surgery to remove the gallbladder was required since the source of the pain was removed the previous day, I was told so it won,t happen again. I finally got in touch with my doctor brother who told me "if its infected take it out". Prior to this I had no idea why the gall bladder had to go.. When I reported this to someone I was told it is infected. So away went the gallbladder. When I wished to leave the hospital the next day, not unusual for laprascopic surgery, I was told by the nursesupervisor and others that if I left without their consent insurance would  not pay for my hospital stay , or that I would be arrested by a large security guard who suddenly appeared these threats,  both lies, but I  will presume were made with the best of intentions and out of ignorance, suddenly vanished when I pointed out I was  a lawyer and cooperation became the days theme. Here is my plea to hospital administrators educate your staff to the law and teach them that all old people are not dotards even if opiated to the gills. Finally thank you for trying to do your best and for helping me get well sans gallbladder

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Angela Corey child of scorn

It is amazing how often prosecuting attorneys will lose sight of their duty to disclose exculpatory evidence

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Canute in the oval office

 If I remember correctly the liberal establishment was reviling George Bush for attempts at nation building. Now, because his favored friends in the Moslem Brotherhood have been rejected by young ,educated Egyptians , women ,those of  persecuted religions and gay people. He  and cohorts in congress are threatening to cut off aid to Egypt. This is a blatant attempt at nation building. Demanding in his statement that Eygpt hew to a democratic form of government which was rapidly becoming a theocratic state he is ignoring reality and the best interest of the United States which he is sworn to protect. Egypt as an allay is important to us and interfering with the government that is not supportive of jihadism is not in our interest. A theocratic state in the middle east is plainly inimical to our interest