Monday, August 28, 2006

jimmy carter midget

He was a complete failure as president. More of a sanctimonious religous than George Bush.His awareness of his own moral superiority to every one else is so damned apparent and irritating that when listening to his pronouncements on the state of the world he seems a protestant pope. His ex cathedra remarks are as damaging to the country as the "great malaise" he presided over.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

disaster preparedness oxymoron

We might as well prepare ourselves for monstrous finger pointing by media "experts" and self appointed champions of the poor benighted masses when the next disaster strikes. Please explain to me what can be done to prepare for a repeat of the New Madrid earthquakes of 1812, a volcanic explosion at Yellowstone or near Tacoma, another force five hurricane at Galveston ,New Orleans or New York , even the tsnaumi that could devastate the West coast. All these natural disasters will happen , have happened. Then there are the man made disasters that could happen . Atomic attack, suicide bombings , waves of arson , poison gas are all possible. Don't despair, people have always lived with uncertainty. the "little ice age" and black death killed two thirds of the population of Europe. China , India and Africa have been decimated on many occasions. It is part of the human condition , so prepare but expect the worst and quit bitching. Maybe even sacrifice a few virgins or sheep. It never worked before but who knows ?

defining love

when the other person's irritating foibles are seen affectionatly, as charming eccentricities

Sunday, August 13, 2006

close the barn door

The totally idiotic responses to terrorist attacks are the result of political correctness and fear of being called racist. It is irrational to subject all airline passengers to equal inspections , when in actuality offenses against air travel are overwhelmingly perpertrated by young moslem people. It is a waste of resources to examine a non moslem seventy year old lady passenger, or a mother travelling with three little kids as if they are as liable to be threats as a moslem twenty year old. I realise that treating passengers differently may be unfair since all moslems
are not terrorists but unfortunately all terrorists lately have been moslems.

On another subject, the constant attention to air travel as a terrorist target is leaving all the other targets wide open. It might be a fine idea to hire some people to think like a terrorist and perhaps anticipate a terrorist threat rather than to always be reacting to threats.