Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Modest Proposal

President Obama and governor Terry Mcauliffe are disturbed by the imbalance of of white and black incarcerated people when compared to the population in general. The solution by the president was to release 20,000  "minor" offenders and by the governor to restore civil rights of voting (a blatantly political move) . I have a proposal that would solve the imbalance of  prison population without endangering the welfare of the nation. Let us set a quota for arrest of white people. For  every black person incarcerated we should incarcerate five whites. That would even things out. However,  we would have to create a new class of criminal acts to justify detention since whites commit fewer existing crimes percentagewise than blacks. Laws could be enacted criminalizing mundane acts like  paying attention to the Kardashians, attending Republican caucuses, or expressing negative opinions about gangsta rap.

Friday, April 22, 2016

oh say can you pee

While I sympathize with the transgender people the argument of none neutered mails using women's restrooms seems  a tempest in a peepot. The problem is not with the transgenderd the problem is with the pederasts and exhibitionist who will take advantage of  young girls using public bathrooms. The best estimates i can find of the transgender population is .03 percent to .05 percent of the  population which i assume consists of half male and half female so the male problem affects  about .02 percent of the population a good many of whom I suspect have been using male johns for years. The question then becomes should a large population of young girls be put at risk for the benefit of a small number of unchanged men. There is obviously no problem with people who have completed a transition or are in the process.   Well I'll let Solomon decide this one I don't think we should leave it up to the NBA, NFL, Google , or pressure groups.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

eight years and reality still eludes

MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2008

wishing won't make it so

Reality eludes our political leaders. They seem to believe that what they wish for will happen. Examples abound , they believe that energy independence can be achieved though conservation and uninvented substitutes for petroleum. They believe that converting food to fuel is without repercussions. They believe that global warming is ethnogenicaly caused and we can combat it by reducing our "carbon footprint". They believe that militant Islam is not a threat to the West and if we accede to demands it will go away. Perhaps they should recognize reality. If we wish energy independence we must have more domestic oil production , we must use clean coal and nuclear energy. We must stop production of the environmentally damaging and useless ethanol.If global warming is a threat we should be preparing for change rather than trying to prevent the inevitable. Militant Islamists have openly declared their intention to destroy the West. We cannot ignore them as we ignored the open declarations in "Mein Kampf" and allow them to use the democratic egaleterian processes of the West to accomplish their purposes. Wishing can get votes but facing reality is survival.