Monday, October 15, 2018

What Racial Division

According to television commercials the blacks , white, browns live together amicably and happily. They hike . shop,  share medicine,  cooking tips , parties, birthdays even bar mitzvahs..When do all these pleasantries take place  on the hour, half hour and ten minute intervals of television shows. The inter racial sharing of medicine for diverse ailments is a ubiquitous part of the television experience as is the celebration of new car purchases, and mortgages.  Groceries get a more subdued but still exciting demonstration of good buuddyship and it is still effective as are the interracial backyard barbecues and parties. I am not prejudiced I will share my thrills of daily living with anyone regardless of race, color, sexual orientation ,or what ever. Yet, I never seem to partake of these experiences the commercials extol.  It must be my sheltered life.


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