Friday, January 09, 2015

pollyanna and dr,pangloss

The state department and the president lauded the "Arab Spring " as if  it were the end of strife in the  muslim world. They couldn't have been more wrong. It presaged a period  rising of jihadist movements in Iraq , Syria, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria and was only stopped in Eygpt by a strong military. The military takeover in Eygpt was decried by the state department and the president as a coup and  resulted in  most aid being stopped to Egypt. Eygpt was almost forced out of American sphere of influence. Aid was of course continued to our "good friends" the jihadists of Hamas. The result of our misadventures in the middle east is the strengthening of violent muslim activists in a  crescent from Turkey to Algeria. It isn't our fault alone , the pusillanimous governments of Europe, seduced by cheap labor, have pursued immigration policies which have encouraged a muslim underclass to infiltrate the whole of western europe which has included young jihadists and radical Isamic clergy. Is there anyone in government who can face reality , radical jihadists are at war with infidels , that's us.