Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gored by bull

The inimitable Al Gore blames the United States for holding up material progress against green house gases. O.K. Al , please explain why from 1997 to 2004 world wide emissions increased 18%... Kyoto signatories emissions increased 21% . Non Kyoto participants increased 10% and the horrible U S emissions increased 6.6%. Bashing the US quite often results in an Noble prize.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh sweet Myster of LIfe

The favored organzation of corruption the UN is bemoaning the scarcity of food in the world. Our congress in its infinite wisdom calls for a huge increase in grain based fuel to reduce our dependence on foreign oil but will not permit drilling of our own oil reserves. Net result less food , less fuel and further dependence on foreign oil. I have to belive the actions of congress are dictated by pandering for votes. Monumental stupidity is not an option , or is it.

no sin city

New York ! New York! that healthy old town. Mayor Bloombergs spa city has not only prohibited smoking and the use of trans-fats in cooking but now will only liscence pushcarts that sell fruits and vegetables exclusively. Next he will force us all to drink eight glassses of water a day, except in times of drought or broken water main, and start off the day with a shot of prune juice....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

addiction cure

The price of wheat topped $10.00 a bushel for the first time in history. Our congress people have mandated a sevenfold increase in ethanol production from grain. Thus they will curb our addiction to oil and to food with one magnificent stroke.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gorefied nonsense

The belief of ethnologic caused global warming suffered another blow with publication in the prestigous ""International Journal of Climatology" (aren't all science journals "prestigous")of studies done at the Universities of Rochester, Alabama, and Virginia which purport to show human affect on climate are minor and the principle cause of global warming is variations in the sun. This brought an immediate reaction from the high priests of the ethnological hierachy, afraid of losing their cushy jobs at the U.N., stating that these findings did not comport with the consensus view on global warming therefore these scientists would be excommunicated along with the rest of the dissenters. They further drew attention to the fate of dissenters in history; Galileo, Kepler,Wegener,Jenner, Lister, Simmelwies etc., and urged these radicals to recant before heresy invited an "auto de fe".

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Elusive Truth

Where are the seers , the cassandras who tell the truth ? Not around here. Promises of relief from global warming if we reduce co2 emissions are totally empty. We could all stop breathing and global warming would continue to occur. Let us not waste time on stupid feel good remedies,if warming is going to occur let's prepare for the affects. If seas will rise let's move from the areas that will be affected or at least protect them. If weather will no longer allow traditional crops, plant something else or move to an area which will allow planting. These stupid calls to erase carbon footprints etc. will do nothing to to stop an inexorable natural process. If warming is going to escalate prepare. It's better than cooling.....