Wednesday, July 18, 2007

kick the ant pile

It's a catastrophe Some child dies in an auto crash and the next day grief counselors descend on the school. There's a natural disaster and they appear out of nowhere to offer sevices. Who are they? What are they ? I'm 80 years old have lived through most everything and have never run into one of these people. Where do they hide and why do they appear? What service do they provide ? Do they make things better or worsen bad situations ? It was common in my youth to lose a classmates each summer to polio, and other scourges. We thought death was a part of life. We said too bad and went to class. We didn't have "professionals" of doubtful credentials ( internal rhyme, sorry )running to offer guidance and perhaps exacerbate the sorrow. Just who are these self appointed interlopers who show up when the ant pile is kicked. Who pays them or do they act gratuitously?


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