Monday, July 23, 2007

America cannot exist without oil

Is there one courageous politician willing to tell it like it is, in the face of environmental opposition? America can not exist without oil. It is disquieting to read the sloganeering that prevents us from developing our own oil reserves. I challenge the "save Alaska for our children" brigade to explain how their children will have the opportunity to experience Alaska when the American economy is in shambles as a result of world oil being ninety nine per cent controlled by foreign governments. They are not constrained from economic blackmail. I presume it will be working as roughnecks in the arctic for Chinese controled companies. We cannot have a military without oil. We cannot have agriculture or industry without oil. Pie in the sky promises of ethanol, wind power, solar power providing all the energy we need are are false . We cannot rely on such measures in a competitive world of increasing population. I'm all for protecting the environment. I want a realistic approach , holistic, which will consider the political and economic environment my children will live in not the one issue feel good, save the caribou, approach which controls the argument over hydrocarbon and nuclear power. Where is that politician? Nowhere, the short sighted only vote for people who speak pap rather then reality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the Oil in Alaska will only be the same as 2 months U.S usage. Yep that will save us.

I got an idea, use less oil. Drive more economical vehicles. Live closer to work. Car pool.

How about having the U.S invest in new technologies and open factories in the U.S to build things. Invest in the U.S. instead of investing in killing people.

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