Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The ACLU steps into the breach whenever religion pops up in public places. Crosses in cemeteries , on mountains , court house frescos or city shields and any references to Christianity at Christmas. They bring suit against public schools for allowing religous groups to use school facilities after hours. They even object to the phrase "under God". However it seems they only object to the Christian religion in publicly supported schools. Moslem prosyletising and preferential treatment for Islamists in a public school ,clearly in violation of the constitution, does not arouse their ire.This is occuring in a San Diego public school where Moslem rituals e.g. prayer are conducted during classroom time, and where pork and other foods are banned from the cafeteria and boys and girls are put into segregated classes in accord with moslem law. WHERE IS THE ACLU? Soliciting me for money because ,I guess, I'm a proffesed atheist.


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