Tuesday, May 01, 2007

None so Blind

Those who will not see..The elected representatives of the people continue to play pollyanish ostriches ignoring these truths. First, the United States economy is the avowed target of moslem jihadists. Second, that energy independence is not attainable without domestic exploration and production. Third , that global warming is real, but human contribution to warming is small. Their actions to avert facing these facts is to continue preaching that it is only a small group of radicals among the moslem population that wishes us harm and we must cater to the vast majority who do not. I have yet to see evidence of this vast majority which wishes to co-exist. The second reality of energy independence, is met with a denial of domestic drilling and feel good measures promoted by special interets to increase use of corn as fuel , the resultant explosion of inflation of food prices is totally ignored. The third reality of global warming is met with a wealth of morally righteous posturing worthy of a religous movement, we will appease the Gods by wearing sack cloth and ashes :instead of taking steps to ameliorate the effects of the unstoppable natural process.


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